Yummy food chart for your toddler

Yummy food chart for your toddler

Ensure your two-year-old gets a balanced diet. Follow this simple meal plan!

As your toddler steps into his third year, he needs a variety of foods from all food groups to meet the needs of his fast-developing body. Two-year-olds show a marked increase in their vocabulary every day. They also try out new physical skills such as running, climbing, kicking a ball etc.

Our expert, nutritionist Karishma Chawla from Eat Rite 24x7, Mumbai, gives a well-balanced food chart for your little one, so that busy mums can plan out a nutritious menu for a whole week, in a jiffy:

Vegetarian food chart for the two-three year old child

food chart for babies


Introducing kids to the concept of healthy eating at a young age does wonders to their health in the long run. Chawla gives some important tips to keep in mind to ensure your child eats healthy:

Tips for healthy eating for your toddler

  • Include foods rich in energy and protein
  • Serve more milk, green leafy vegetables, carrots, mangoes, and papayas
  • Ensure that the meal time for children is relaxing
  • Serve small bite-sized or finger sized pieces of food to the child
  • Serve small frequent meals
  • Introduce nutritious snacks as fillers in between meals
  • Encourage the child to sit and eat
  • Avoid serving too hot or too cold foods
  • Avoid highly flavoured and spicy foods
  • Never use food as a means of reward or punishment.

Continue reading for a nutritious non-vegetarian meal plan!

Non-vegetarian meal plan for the two-three year old

food chart for babies

The quantities of food consumed may vary according to the gender, activity and weight of the toddler. Some days your child may seem to eat less than before – that's perfectly normal at this stage.  Getting him to eat everything on this chart may be a challenge. But don’t get disheartened and do NOT force feed the child. As adults, even we have our good days and bad ones, don’t we?

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Preeti Athri

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