Your Weekly Tarotscope: October 8th to 14th

Weekly guidance for you through Tarot and based on the Zodiac.

A sneak peek into the future, receiving guidance or healing, with Tarot, sky is the limit!


Celebrating birthday this week?

On 14th October Venus enters Libra, one of the two signs it rules over and this combination is all about love, harmony and balance.

For those who have their birthdays in this week, you may enjoy a phase of being in perfect balance, something that Libras strive for. So go ahead and treat yourself while all is well around you!

Aries: Take the lead in discovering yourself!

You may feel an urge to take a dip within to discover the less known aspects of your fiery persona. The treasures you stumble upon are likely to put you in touch with your inner wisdom. Are you ready to go on this intense journey of self-discovery?


Taurus: Patience is the key!

Looks like there’s some more waiting period before you can reap the benefit or enjoy the fruit of your hard work. Be assured that your efforts are not in vain. Patience and perseverance will help you sail through this time of uncertainty.


Gemini: Better times ahead!

You may finally be able to move ahead and begin a journey towards calmer waters with the help of a guiding light. Whatever you leave behind may linger on your mind for a while. However, have faith in yourself and keep going forward.


Cancer: Too much on your plate!

Having a lot to deal with or to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed. Unload the burden you have been carrying for so long. Take a pause and think before you finally decide.


Leo: Victory at last!

A long struggle may come to an end and you finally get to taste a well-deserved success. There may be a need to keep a check on adamant behaviour though.


Virgo: Recognize your power!

A feeling of inadequacy, incapacity may lead to a setback or demotivation. Remember that you are well-equipped with all the resources you need at this point. Identify your strengths and use them to create the life that you want for yourself.


Libra: Family time!

You may want to give importance to traditions and follow the established order. Family elders may play a significant role in your life this week or you may just want to spend time with them, getting deeper insights from them on various things.


Scorpio: Urge to splurge!

Keep a check on being spendthrift this week, even if you want to spend on your home and family. Before going on a shopping spree or making crazy family plans, it may be good to check what is actually needed.


Sagittarius: Partnerships flourish!

Situation with your partner, whether personal or professional, may get better beyond imagination this week. A good time for romance, dating or spending one on one time with near and dear ones.


Capricorn: Slipping into self-blame!

A lack of concentration may put you off the tasks at hand. You may feel that you are not able to create a perfect life from resources available to you. Blaming yourself won’t lead you anywhere. Let it pass.


Aquarius: Make a wish!

As everything around you may be in perfect order this week, you will enjoy being in a state of happiness. Rest and relax allowing your soul, mind and body to recuperate. Be ready for sweet surprises if you indulge in any wishful thinking!


Pisces: Cup runneth over!

You may enjoy being in a state of bliss and joy as there’s no limit to how much you may be receiving. A period of emotional stability and fulfillment. Spend time in rest and recuperation.