Your Weekly Tarotscope: October 29th to November 4th

Weekly guidance for you through Tarot and based on the Zodiac.

The week ends with the Full Moon on 4th November 2017, that is influenced by Neptune. According to experts, this connection will bring in more sensitivity, intuition, emotion and also romance.


Celebrating birthday this week?


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and that is the theme of your Birthday Week. Bring out your inner child and simply have fun. You seem to have forgotten to deal with your stress in recent past. Make sure that at least for some time you keep your worries aside and find time to enjoy.


Aries: Be prepared for the unexpected!

As much as you may want, not everything in life can be planned beforehand. You may feel overwhelmed by many last-minute things that you may need to look into. However, attend to things one at a time and you will realize that with a calm mind you can take care of everything that comes your way. Most importantly, if at all anything gets skipped, don’t beat yourself up for it.


Taurus: Are you going where you intend to?

Going forward is a great thing, but it’s equally important to move in the right direction and have a purpose. This week it may be important to analyze in which direction you are making progress and whether it is useful to you. Moving for the sake of moving may not be helpful.


Gemini: Taking pleasure in the little things!

We are continuously surrounded by simple and small things that can bring great joys to our lives. This week remember to find happiness in whatever comes your way, big or small. If you feel an urge to focus on things related to your home, flow with it, as it may bring a sense of peace and calm.


Cancer: Excellent time for meticulous work!

If there are any tedious or meticulous things that demand your attention, this is the best time to finish these tasks. Take the necessary effort to see things through, as you may be in a frame of mind to complete otherwise boring and uninteresting things.


Leo: Surrender!

This is a period when you may realize that there are some powers that even you cannot control. The best thing to do at such times is simply surrender and watch what is happening. Bowing down before such energies will not make you small but may teach you the best lesson of your life.


Virgo: Not all is lost!

You may have recently overcome difficult situations and the energy of this week reminds you to look at what is left with you. Keep moving and don’t get stuck in the past.


Libra: A need for alone-time!

You may want space for yourself as your focus turns within. Go ahead and take some me-time to rest, recuperate and just be with yourself. Listen to the little inner voice and allow it to express itself. You may find something that may help change your life.


Scorpio: Good news on its way!

This week will may bring for you a lot of peace, contentment and happiness. Health, wealth and work everything seems to be falling in place for you this week. Make most of this phase and get your important work done.


Sagittarius: Roll with the change!

Holding on tightly to anything may not be a good thing to do in this phase. Just go with the tide and be rest assured that you are taken care of. This is a time to let old things get destroyed so that you can start afresh. Don’t be afraid to let go of what serves you no more and create something new.


Capricorn: Time to celebrate!

There may be occasions to celebrate this week and you may be able to enjoy a lot of family time. Just forget about all your problems for a while and rock the party.


Aquarius: Change is on its way!

Instead of resisting change, it is better to allow it to change you. Be prepared to release the old, unnecessary thoughts and patterns so that you can replace these with new ones.  


Pisces: Count your blessings!

It is time to realize that you have a lot of inner strength to sail through anything that crops up. There’s a lot that you can be grateful for, Dear Pisces. Appreciating what you have is essential and this is the theme for your week this time.