Your favourite TV actress Chandramukhi Chautala aka Kavita Kaushik is getting married and how!

Your favourite TV actress Chandramukhi Chautala aka Kavita Kaushik is getting married and how!

She invited her friends to her temple wedding via WhatsApp. Trust inspector Chandramukhi to be different!

Television actress Kavita Kaushik aka Chandramukhi Chautala, your favourite inspector from the superhit show FIR, is getting married and she's doing it in style!

Yes, you read that right. Kavita has decided to have a simple temple wedding at a Shiva-Parvati temple near Kedarnath, which is considered as the holy abode of Shiva, with her long time friend Ronnit Biswas.


Shout out to ur best friend ! Tu hi toh mera dost hai #bestfriend #allinone #partnersincrime

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Trust inspector Chandramukhi to be unique and do things differently. So unlike what others do, Kavita sent out her wedding invite to her near and dear ones via WhatsApp. That's right.

Kavita sent out a cute message to all her friends telling them how she's planning to have a simple temple wedding and the choice of her wedding destination would literally stun you. Here's the message that Kavita sent to her friends:

"Hello, I have a news to share. I'm getting married to my best friend Ronnit Biswas and starting a new life as Mrs Biswas on January 27. This is an impromptu call and decision taken two days back... You can also call it divine intervention (no, I'm not preggy). Now the main catch — we are travelling close to Kedarnath to a Shiv-Parvati temple and doing a simple temple wedding. There are no cards printed, no frenzy, no do's and don'ts and no invites. I know it's not possible to take all my family and friends up to the Himalayas in this weather, where it's snowing and freezing and most roads closed, so just 15 of us are making this trip. I hope you understand and extend your love and blessings to us. On January 23 and 24, we will have the haldi and mehendi ceremony at home. Please walk in at your convenience... There will be food, games, shaadi ka ghar-type raunak. So do come home and be a part of this simple, sweet union. No gifts please, bring just love and more love. KkRon (sic)."


Ronnit and Kavita have been friends for a long time now and her friends say that no one could have been better than him for Kavita.

"Ronnit is her best friend and he has been with her through her tough times, especially after she lost her father to cancer last July. He has an event management firm. Their decision to marry has been sudden, but Kavita seems to be in a very happy space," says a friend on condition on anonymity.

Kavita had been sharing many happy pictures with Ronnit o her Instagram and almost everyone knew that there was a wedding on the cards. Perhaps everyone was waiting for an official announcement. Kavita is indeed lucky to be marrying her best friend as couples who've married their buddies say that they have had an awesome relationship. Here's why:

1.You know each other in and out: You've been friends and you've seen the best and the worst times together. This means that you would know each other in and out and that will only strengthen your bond as a couple.

2.You have nothing to hide: As friends, you would be knowing each and every detail of each other's life. This means that there are no dark secrets or things to hide.

3. Your families are in sync: If you marry your best friend, your families also know the both of you and would be in tune with you and your life goals. What more can a couple ask for?

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