Your daily horoscope: Wednesday, October 18th

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What does the day have in store for you? Know what astrologer Manisha Koushik has to say.


Making the wrong choices would only put a halt to your endeavours. An invitation you were hoping for would not happen leaving you upset.

Do not worry about your performance on the academic front as it will only demotivate you, focus on the road ahead. Today you might learn of new ways to increase your earnings. Health might be a little worrying as you'd have to postpone an urgent meeting.


The financial front would look stronger as you cut corners and put a hold on unrequired expenditure. Be careful as an essential task at work needs constant monitoring to complete on time.

Perseverance is key on the academic front and don't be discouraged by the tasks and projects at hand. Parents won't support your desire to do something on your own.


Helping solve others problems will give you a high today! Someone close to you may need your support and guidance.

You are likely to get more tolerant towards someone you don’t particularly like. Your valuable suggestions would be noted at work and implemented. A competitive environment will bring out the best in you on the academic front.


Your parents or a family member would become critical of your academic preparations and would monitor you today. Those who are politically inclined might join an organisation or a party.

Romance might be on the cards as you might come under the radar of the person you're inclined to. An approval sought by you may take its own time to materialise, so use a bit of networking to expedite things!


Weigh the pros and cons of something being offered to you, before saying yes. Set the right momentum on the academic front if you want to do well.

Meeting someone close today after a long time is likely to bring back fond memories. A diet change would work for you and keep you in the best of health and spirits.


Listening would help you at work. You are likely to get the right break and achieve what you want on the academic front.

Take measures to make your relationship stronger and meaningful. Financially, you may need to boost your earning to spend on luxuries. Your love for food might take a toll on your health front.


Creating a mountain out of a molehill may give you transitory thrills, but may affect your credibility. At work, someone you consider close may not second your ideas and disappoint you.

Your efforts on the academic front may need to be doubled, if you desire to make a mark. Don't go in for cheap products, as you stand to lose. Don't bank on home remedies for your ailment.


A prestigious position you wanted would finally be given to you. You'd be popular on the social front. An exotic vacation is in the pipeline of some. Someone’s support on the academic front may prove a godsend.

Curb your ego-centric nature and accept that others can be better than you in their fields. Impressing people on the professional front is likely to make you grow in stature.


You will be bold enough to take a stand, but you might have to pay a price for it. Don't let go of a chance to forge new partnerships on the business front.

Shopping would keep you busy today. Students appearing for competitive exams would face rigorous competition.


A family function or social gathering would keep you busy today. Review your career progression and take corrective measures to put your work life on track.

Your out of the box thinking would help you on the professional front. Don't go easy on the academic front and be focussed. Unpaid dues can become an issue, review your finances.


Don't let someone else rule your life. It's time to break free. Do not miss out on an exciting opportunity on the work front.

Love will blossom and your relationship would reach the next level. Academics would keep your hand full, take out time to deal with the extra load. 


You would be appreciated at work today for the successful completion of your tasks. Those appearing for a competitive exam would sail smoothly. Someone you admire would shower you with praises making you happy.

Married life would be extremely satisfying. You would try to please the one you love and your efforts would only strengthen your love.