Your daily horoscope: Wednesday, November 8

Your daily horoscope: Wednesday, November 8

See what the day has in store for you!



A celebration is in the offing and will prove most enjoyable. Family front is likely to become the most happening place soon, as some of you go about organising a do.

You will be at your splurging best today. At work, don't do anything to antagonise higher ups, as it may get you into trouble. Your networking skills may come in handy on the academic front.


You may find your fingers in too many pies at work, so pace your work to avoid burnouts. A favourable day is foreseen for those struggling on the academic front.

You can be expected to extend monetary help to someone in dire need of money, so take your call. Good eating habits will help you in keeping minor ailments at bay. Think up ideas to please partner!


Make things happen if you want to get ahead on the professional front. Something you fervently desire may take some more time to materialise. Property owners may have to wait for making a killing in the realty market.

An energizing occasion is probably going to unite the family. A new addition in the family is indicated and promises immense joy. An investment promises to fetch handsome returns.



Be considerate of the have-nots by caring and sharing what you have. You are soon likely to get involved in a new venture on the professional front.

Those yearning for a relaxing day today may face interruptions. Your initiative and go is likely to be appreciated by one and all. Your property investments are likely to give good returns. Continue working towards perfect health.



You may need to be a bit firmer towards a family member who is not playing ball. On the academic front, setting goals will make it easier to pursue your dreams.

Feeling that you can make a difference in someone’s life will give you the strength to move ahead. You will have to prove your mettle for others to start looking up to you as their leader.



Discontent with your current profession may frustrate you, but you will still not find the go to venture into greener pastures. On the academic front, your advice may prove invaluable to someone appearing for a competition or exam.

You will need to develop a good understanding with a colleague to smoothen things out on the work front. Follow a fitness buff to benefit on the health front.


Meeting someone that you have not met in years is indicated today, so get set for some fun time. Things are likely to become easy for those struggling on the academic front.

Jewellers or those dealing in gold and precious stones may find the day profitable. Your contribution to a work project or assignment may not appear adequate to higher-ups. Health remains satisfactory.



Getting a better break is indicated for the job seekers. On the home front, be proactive in turning an ugly situation into an amicable one. A job well done can take you places on the career front. Money invested in some lucrative schemes may start giving good returns.

Those following a hectic workout schedule may overstrain you, so slow down your pace. Luck holds on the academic front.



Pending issues need to be taken up now, before they pile up. You may get to spend the day with like-minded people today and enjoy your heart out. Good networking will be of immense help on the academic front.

A posting or transfer will provide you a chance to start afresh and make a mark. Those in the private sector stand to gain monetarily.



Reaching out to someone in need is important for your image, so don't feel reluctant. Your good intentions will not go unnoticed, even if they don’t get acknowledged.

Someone close will give you strength and direction. It is best not to go ahead with something important without consulting seniors. Don't let an inner fear to perform well on the academic front let you down.



It is time you took a stand against someone not meeting your expectations. On the academic front, you may need to find your focus to do well. Meeting an exciting person is on the cards today.

Clarity of vision and steadfastness are likely to bring you closer to your professional goals. Not investing in a scheme that seems lucrative at this point of time may save money.



Go by the advice of people who have been there, done that on the academic front. At work, assertiveness will take you places, so hold on your own, even if the situation turns against you.

Get involved in the decision-making process, if you want to have your say. A great time is foreseen for lovers today. You may take steps to get back in shape.


Written by

Monish Ghatalia

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