Your daily horoscope: Wednesday, November 1

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See what the stars hold for you today!



Good news is in the offing as you are chosen to head a project at work. Think before you act as it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Finances would improve because of your wise investments. A new exercise regime would bring along aches and pains. A brief journey with family will prove most entertaining.


Choose your options wisely, especially if they are regarding property. Delaying a proposal may get you into all sorts of problems.

Wrong choices would restrict your finances, be careful.  Make efforts to turn your home environment tranquil. Don't let anything or anyone distract you on the academic front. Neglecting health may cost you dearly.  


Intimidating people can be tough to deal with but do not get cowed down. Mind your own business at work. A boring party would turn out be good all thanks to the host’s hospitality.

Taking chances on the academic front is not recommended. Getting a firm foothold in a new business venture is indicated.


Someone who's being extra nice to you might have an ulterior motive, be careful. You might meet that someone special at a family get together.

Many doors get opened on the academic front, so don’t worry unnecessarily. You may opt for a job change for better salary and perks. Weigh the pros and cons before doing so.


Someone might outsmart you and corner a lucrative deal on the work front. Do not procrastinate and do the work entrusted to you on a priority basis.

Love and concern are needed in large doses to keep the family together and strengthen the loving bonds. A countryside trip may not be as exciting as it first sounded. Someone not well may show signs of recovery.


You may get to experience a new phase in your professional life. Expect a thaw in the relationship that had strained over the past few days. Those browsing the marriage market may need some more browsing to find a good match. Those into private practice may need to boost up publicity to enhance business. Overly busy schedule on the academic front may give little time for other things.


Breaching the trust that someone has reposed in you can get you into problems, so don't even think about it. You may be called upon to take part in a collective effort, so give your full support. Good returns from an investment are likely to boost savings. At work, you may find your senior in a happy mood today. You get a helping hand on the academic front.


Take the cue and don't pursue something that is being objected to by others, even if it is close to your heart. It will be important to change your mindset regarding someone in the family.

Recruiters and placement agents may find it difficult to get good material for specialised jobs. A rethink may be needed in a decision taken on the academic front. Recovering loaned money may pose difficulties.


You may be tempted to do something unethical, but let better sense prevail. At work, getting involved in someone else’s business is not in your best interest, so desist from it.

Remain focused, despite distractions, on the academic front to do well. Funds for a new venture may not be forthcoming and can jeopardise the project. Fathom the mood of partner today, before you broach anything contentious.


See all things in a positive light, as it is easy to criticise. A close relation may invite you for an outing today, so make the most of it. You will manage to overcome distractions on the academic front and bring your focus back.

Job prospects for those freshly out of college look bright. A steady income will keep up your confidence. Your physical fitness will impress all.


Your contribution on the residential front, regardless of expert workload, will be highly valued. Love beckons and will provide immense joy and fulfillment. This is the time to contemplate on your future course of action.

Don't start shouting from the rooftops about your current employment, before getting established in it. Employing your time constructively will be a step in the right direction on the academic front. 


Think about what is coming to pass, before settling on any choice. Reposing blind faith on anyone in money matters is not recommended. Eating right is your mantra for good health.

Getting tensed over your preparation on the academic front is best avoided. You see all, you hear all, but you don’t have to react to them. Good foresight on your part will keep you away from trouble at work.