Your daily horoscope: Tuesday, October 31st

Your daily horoscope: Tuesday, October 31st

See what the day holds for you!



A choice can put you in a fix but there is little you can do about it, so choose wisely. Shed your inhibitions to interact with an old rival.

On the academic front, family may not initially support your ideas, but might come around later on. Too many hurdles may discourage you from pursuing your personal dreams. Control your spending.


Take up the job offer that you're getting on hand instead of waiting for the right break. It is best not to antagonize someone who doesn’t see eye to eye with you. 

Accomplishing your dreams on the academic front will be your priority, so work hard for it. Steer clear from gossip to avoid any controversy.


Minor ailments would subside soon and you'd find yourself in perfect health. At work, you would tackle a tricky situation with ease. Those thinking of converting their house into builder floors must give it a second thought.

Changes made by you may not find favour with other members. Your disinterest might put off your partner, so stay cheerful.


Take one step at a time to get closer to your academic goal. A victory is yours, if you play your cards well today on the professional front. Your financial situation would improve, do not touch your savings

Organising a function at home though hectic would keep your spirits high. Resort to healthy eating to remain fit.


Today, you are likely to play referee to two warring factions, so be fair in your decisions. Outside support may prove indispensable on the academic front.

A policy or investment is likely to mature and increase your finances. Inter-departmental transfer will prove favourable. You may get an opportunity you just cannot afford to miss on the romantic front, so be all eyes and ears!


Positive thoughts would keep you optimistic the whole day. On the academic front, it is best not to go with the tide, do things yourself.

Opening up your heart to your lover would bring you closer. A short break would refresh you like never before. Your reluctance to shake a leg and exercise may soon start telling on your health.


Reaching out to a person you offended in the past is imperative for good relations. Gaining the trust of someone influential will be important on the academic front.

Support of admirers and well wishers will keep you on a high. This is the perfect day for financial deals and monetary transactions. Channelise your energies in accomplishing something you only dream about.


A little mistake can be blown out of proportion if you don't do anything about it. At work, follow the instructions in letter and spirit to play it safe. Pressure of academics may make it difficult for you to spend a quiet evening with lover today.

Those running a side business may find the day profitable. Deskbound professionals will manage a short vacation for a change of scene.


Your effort to raise capital for a personal project is likely to succeed. A prized posting can be yours with good networking. Be ready to face the music today for a mistake or an omission at work. Try and make satisfactory progress on the academic front or you may find yourself in the dock. This is not the day to invest money on sheer guess work. 


Consider carefully before presenting an expensive gift to someone, as the expected returns may not be forthcoming. Take help to save on time.

You will do well to review your recent decisions, as they may be flawed. Those living single must take care of their security by taking extra measures. At work, you will need to think through a problem to arrive at a workable solution.


You will manage to impress one and all at work and get noticed by those who matter. Your academic endeavours will get you to your goal.

An overseas deal may bring in good profits. Chances of getting property and wealth by way of inheritance look bright. This is an excellent time to tie up all the lose ends in a relationship. Taking up an exercise regimen is indicated.


Don't discuss confidential matters with people you don't know well. Reflect on what is transpiring, before making any decision. Good foresight on your part will make an event go smoothly.

Neglecting to renew a contract or placing a tender threatens to put you in a tight corner. Things are likely to turn favourable on the academic front. Your good intentions may get misinterpreted by someone close.


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