Your daily horoscope: November 9, 2017

Your daily horoscope: November 9, 2017

See what the day has is store for you!


You may have to keep up the tempo of whatever you are involved in at present. The day is favourable to get a project underway on the professional front. You will be able to impress those concerned by your performance on the academic front.

An office colleague may warm up to your romantic gestures. Becoming a couch potato may have dire repercussions on the health front.



Circumstances seem favourable for launching or starting something new. Consider the capabilities of subordinates before you task them. Maintain your focus on the academic front, as you are likely to waver.

You will reap the benefits of solid investments and become financially secure. An exciting day is foreseen for the romantically inclined.  Morning walks will keep you in a fine fettle. Someone’s arrival may lift up your spirits.



Your keenness to undertake something you have never done before may set you on an entirely different path; expect something good to come out of it.

You will need to devote time and energy on the academic front. A tricky problem on the domestic front will need to be deliberated upon, before taking any action. Someone may do you a good turn that you had not asked for.



Something that is close to your heart is likely to happen soon. Those getting into two minds on the academic front must listen to their hearts! A marriage is on the anvil for the eligible and may get solemnised soon.

Your head for figures and analytical mind is likely to impress those who matter at work. Expect someone close to stand by you in clearing a misunderstanding.



Falling upon hard times financial is indicated, but you will manage to salvage the situation by focussing on things you do best. A helping hand on the academic front will be most welcome, so don't refuse.

On the work front, be careful and don’t believe things unless you see them with your own eyes. Bad health can force you to miss an important appointment or cancel a meeting.



You may need to improve your habits and project a better image, if you expect to get better breaks in your career. Luck remains on your side on the academic front.

For retailers and manufacturers, a new product launched with much fanfare may not show the desired response. You will need to shed lethargy at work, as it can reflect on your performance. Be discreet in financial matters.



You may decide to come into the mainstream, rather than drift apart. Don't lay yourself open to rivals at work by playing smart. Competitive environment on the academic front may unsettle you, but you will manage to hold your own.

Good decisions at work may bring you into the notice of higher ups. A half-hearted attempt at mending fences may not work, so take your call.



It will be important to gain the confidence of key persons, if you want to get what you are after. A realisation dawns on you and provides immense mental peace and satisfaction.

Wealth comes your way from unexpected sources. Good performance on the academic front will be acknowledged by those who matter. Avail any chance you get of expressing your love to the one you desire.



You may have to make the choice on the academic front now. Remain tolerant of those who are new on the job, even if you find this difficult to accept. Today, you prevail with regards to mollifying a distressed relative by your delicate approach and calming words.

An opportunity on the financial front, if seized immediately, may earn good returns. Restarting your workout regime is on the cards.  


You are likely to find success on the professional front. Manage your finances well to avoid a cash crunch. Domestic front may keep you tied up with extra workload, impinging on your personal time.

A man-management situation needs to be tackled on urgent basis. Put in more efforts to deal with competition on the academic front. You need to adopt a lifestyle that you can easily follow.



Send the right signals to those who matter at work to move up the career ladder. Today, organising an event may afford you little personal time. Your point of view should be sponsored by activity to get things proceeding onward the work front.

Don't keep any important decisions regarding finances pending. You are in for a good time on the romantic front today.


Your persistence will get you what you want on the academic front. It is best to stick to your budget in a new venture to make it a success. Learning additional skills will add to your knowledge, so go for it.

Your romantic feelings will be readily reciprocated by the one you love. So get ready for a great day! Choose healthy dietary alternatives to keep fit.

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