Your daily horoscope: Monday, October 30th

Your daily horoscope: Monday, October 30th

See what the day has in store for you!


You have to change your mindset and understand others point of view if you really want to progress in life. Good news for you on the professional front as you might get promoted or recognized. A promotion or recognition is in the pipeline on the professional front.

Those sitting for an important exam must double their efforts. Care and support of spouse or lover will provide a sense of immense fulfillment. Be careful about your health.


Keep your mood in check to avoid upsetting people around you. Someone at work means business, so get ready to deliver. You might go down the memory lane today and get nostalgic today.

Someone’s kind gesture will warm your heart. Remaining dreamy at work can prove detrimental to your professional health. Your partner may choose not go along with your ideas, so don't be insistent. Finances will be in control.


Grab any opportunity that you get on the financial front. Academic struggles would bring you victory in the end, but only if you keep at it.

A much-anticipated outing with partner promises much excitement. This is an excellent day for innovators. You'd be appreciated at work for your contribution. Outstanding dues get cleared, as you receive money.


Your new ventures will put you in the exclusive club. Friends and relations are set to brighten up the domestic atmosphere today. Stay alert at work today.

Some of you would have a great time socialising today. On the academic front, someone’s will help you steer you out of a sticky situation.


For businessmen, a journey undertaken today would prove to be profitable. You might get a chance today to romantically impress your partner with your hidden talents and way with words.

Do not neglect your health and exercise caution. Your thoroughness will help you on the academic front. Remain calm at work if you want things to run smoothly.


You would start a fresh approach to find a new job. Don't get irritated with trivial issues, they would only ruin your mood.

A friend you had helped in the past on the academic front would reciprocate in the same vein. Finances would be tight. Consolidate your gains.


You may have to let go of a matter that is close to your heart. At work, make your go-getting attitude your strong point and get noticed. You will find yourself in a comfortable situation on the academic front.

Financial prospects brighten as new avenues of earning open up. A visit to friends and family is indicated, so get ready to have some fun.


You might meet someone today you have not met in years. At work, don’t appear too free today, as some additional task may come your way.

Your performance on the academic front would make your mentors happy. Your partner would be extremely loving and caring and domestic harmony is assured. Money lent to someone will be returned.


You will need to push an idea through at work if you want to get noticed. Finding extra energy to cope with the workload on the academic front seems an uphill task today.

A hobby would keep you engaged. You can look forward to a suitable opportunity in the pipeline. Eligible can expect a marriage proposal.


You may have to put up with someone you exactly dote upon. Academic performance of a family youngster would make you proud.

A family elder’s opinion may appear random at first, but will have great merit in the long run. Think about it before you rebel! Slackness on the professional front may cost you dearly. A short trip is possible today.


Leading from the front is your mantra and you will not be found wanting. Hard work is needed to achieve the goal you have set for yourself on the academic front.

Good professional guidance will help you achieve what you have in mind. A piece of good news is likely to excite you today. Give a helping hand to someone in need.


Property related matters need to be dealt with carefully before arriving at a solution. At work, extra workload may drive you into overtime.

Don't blow your own trumpet on the academic front yet. Those working for a social cause can get hard pressed for funds. Health can become a cause of concern.


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