Your daily horoscope: Friday, October 27th

Your daily horoscope: Friday, October 27th

See what the day has in store for you!



You will have to double up your efforst on the academic front to succeed. Someone who had been ignoring you in the past may again show interest. Find out the reason why.

Your professional goals are likely to get a fillip in the developments taking place at work. Collect funds to kickstart a project that is important to you.


Loved ones need to be handled with love and care. Retired men in uniform can expect a financial bonus that was on hold for a really long time.

Academic efforts need a boost, don't wait for too long. A positive attitude will help in the face of adversity at work. You will succeed to drive away the negativity from your mind to be positive.


Seek advice from knowledgeable people, before taking a decision. A new set of circumstances await you at work. Embrace them.

A business trip may become immensely successful open fresh opportunities. Speculation and stocks are set to give good returns. An old ailment is likely to get cured through home remedy.


Your leave would be granted at work so gear up to make the most of it. Agitating someone would lead to retaliation, so be prepared.  Seeing only the positive side of every situation will improve your mental tranquillity.

You will manage to keep up the pace on the academic front. Your family would support you in helping you realise your dreams.


Be ready to let your hair down and enjoy an exotic vacation that comes your way. If you've joined a new workplace, you'd finally get rolling.

A little introspection is required before thinking negatively about someone; you will find that you are not in the clear yourself. Good planning would help on the academic front.


An exciting evening out is on the cards and will prove immensely enjoyable. Strike a balance between leisure and work to avoid stress.

Spending quality time with someone close is indicated today. Your professional side may get a fillip, as you meet influential and important people. You are likely to make special efforts to get the right physique and figure. A side business may add to your income. 


The time is right to help someone meet their match. Your expertise would help the cash flow in your business.

Self-discipline is the key to fitness, so work on it. On the academic front, a spot of good luck will get you out of hot water. You will manage to take the right decisions by keeping your cool.


Do not kill time in unproductive activities. Make better use of your free time. Keep up your efforts on the academic front and you will manage to realise your dreams.

An excellent career opportunity is likely to come your way. You will manage to resurrect yourself from a financial downswing. Good learning opportunities are foreseen for those undergoing training. Don’t hurry up things that need to be thought over.


Make most of the opportunity that comes your way at work. You will get praised for being on your toes at work.

Expect a windfall of sorts, if dealing in real estate. Opportunities to show off your talents will be aplenty on the social front!


Delaying things that need urgent attention would lead to pressure later on. If you are thinking of greener pastures, weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

Those trying to repay a loan will manage to gather the resources. Your efforts will ensure that harmony and peace are maintained at the domestic front. Newlyweds need to give each other space to resolve any problems.


You will manage to impress important people at work by your single-minded devotion. A situation may swing out of control, if you are not prompt enough in addressing it.

Use outside resources to tackle whatever you feel is difficult to handle on the academic front. You may be in for a hard time in tackling the unrealistic demands of a family member. Play smart at work.


Getting the better of a rival appears difficult, but you will manage it somehow. Those on a buying spree today can expect to get some good bargains.

Peace prevails on the domestic front and makes for a relaxing and enjoyable time. Your tact and persuasive powers will help in getting around a moody senior. Those studying outside may need some extra money from home.

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