Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Tuesday, January 23rd

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Pisces: Something you propose may get the nod at work.


Make the most of the opportunity that presents itself to you. Satisfaction is assured in whatever you are currently doing. Today, someone may expect you to spend some time with him or her, so don’t disappoint.

Something done in your honour will prove quite touching. Satisfaction on the academic front may elude you, but it will not deter you to perform well. It is time you rekindled your love life.


Your efforts may go in vain, if they are not backed by commitment. On the academic front, you may find too many distractions dangling in front of you to get your focus right.

Those worried on the marriage front may succeed in finding a suitable mate. Chances of getting invited to a gathering or a do cannot be ruled out for some. Someone close to you may look you up today.


Impressing people with your skill and talent is indicated. Don't side with someone who is playing a double game. There is a good chance of planning an outing today with someone close.

You may resolve to come back in shape and start an exercise regimen. It is important to get rid of negative thoughts and maintain a positive attitude. A party or a function may be organised at home.


You may be required to match your skills with the best at work, but you will not be found wanting. Undertake immediately that has been entrusted to you at work a while back, if you don't want to be cornered.

Take steps to salvage the situation on the academic front. A well-wisher is likely to enlighten you about something that you were not previously aware of on the social front.


You may need to get after someone to get him or her on to the fitness track. Your scope for doing something on the professional front may remain limited, due to circumstances beyond your control. This is the time to consolidate whatever you have gained on the academic front.

Someone’s advice on the financial front will appear appealing but do analyse it in depth before taking any step.



Getting to know someone better may require time, so spare some from your busy schedule. You will find things moving positively at work. Undertaking an important business trip is on the cards. Get serious regarding the purchase of property you have shortlisted.

Love is in the air and falling head over heels for someone cannot be ruled out. Your fitness can become a talking point if you don't shake a leg soon.


You may have to attend to someone’s comfort undergoing a trying condition. Although the progress at work seems slow, it is likely to pick up speed soon, so don’t worry on this score. This is not the best of the days on the academic front, but things will turn out favourable.

A family youngster may rebel and upset you. Partner’s indifference may need to be tackled with love and compassion.


Your workload is likely to become manageable. Taking time off from work for a short vacation is indicated for some. Financially, you will be very well off and continue to add to your wealth. Those afflicted with a lifestyle disease will manage to keep it in check.

You will have to put your trust in people if you want to establish yourself on the professional front. A family issue needs urgent resolution.   


Take things easy, if you want to remain stress-free. Dreaming impossible dreams seem difficult to fulfil, so remain practical. Taking a break from your hectic work schedule just to get in touch with your inner self is possible.

Spiritual thoughts and a desire for mental peace may motivate you to plan a pilgrimage. Avoid being too liberal in giving money or you may regret it later. You may join a gym.


Gaining an upper hand at work is indicated. Don't get discouraged by people trying to undermine your confidence. This is the right time to review your professional priorities. Progress remains satisfactory on the academic front.

Participating in a function or organising a party cannot be ruled out for some. You can be surrounded by your loved ones today. Don’t put money in things that are not of immediate use.


Someone may prefer to keep his or her distance from you over an issue, rather than get into a fight. At work, getting the hang of a complicated procedure or process is likely to make your life easy.

Curb your tendency to think negatively about others. It will be in your interest to guide a family youngster on the academic front. Someone whom you admire may send positive signals.  


Something you propose may get the nod at work. There is much at stake for those indulging in speculation or betting. An official trip may materialise and open the doors to better opportunities.

This is the right time on the career front to strike when the iron is hot. Something planned on the family front may not go according to plans, but this is nothing to get agitated about.