Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Sunday, January 21st

Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Sunday, January 21st

Leo: It is best to deal with issues that threaten mental peace.


It is in your interest not to try any underhand tricks, as you may not savour the retaliatory move. Listen to someone who speaks for your own good. Catching up on pending issues at work may be on your mind.

You may get motivated to plan finances for going in for something big. Family will be supportive and provide full encouragement. Morning workouts or evening walks will keep you fit.


You may need to instil some discipline in those who tend to embarrass themselves in gatherings. Avoid getting under pressure at work, as it may stress you. Someone may talk you into buying something that you don’t presently need.

Plans for a family outing may be given final shape. Your busy schedule may interfere with your love life, so keep some time aside for exchanging sweet nothings with partner!


Doing things up at home may get you totally involved, but it will be well worth the effort. Your support for someone may not get you a pat on the back, but it will be appreciated.

A change of scene is likely to rejuvenate you, so go for it. You will be efficiency personified at work today. Getting preferential treatment on the academic front is possible. Health remains good.


Make things work for you by being friendly with all. There is a chance of confrontation today with someone who doesn’t like you, so steer clear.

Defusing tensions on the family front may prove difficult. You are likely to take a step closer to acquiring a new property. Those in the creative field are likely to get appreciated for their current work. Things look up on the financial front.


It is best to deal with issues that threaten mental peace. You may need to keep close tabs on someone who is sharing a responsibility with you at work. Getting sucked into family politics may compel you to take sides, so take your call. Conserving money may become the need of the hour, as some unexpected expenditure is foreseen. Don't take forever to complete a workout schedule for total fitness.


If you are getting torn between two entities, find out who gives you happiness more and stick with him or her. You will need to remain consistent in whatever you are involved in at work to justify your existence.

A profitable venture may find your fortune soaring. Maintaining good relations with those who matter may benefit you on the academic front. Chance for a short vacation may materialise.


You will be in a position to dictate terms to someone who insists on having his or her own way. Steer clear of blame game at work, as it can make things unfavourable for you.

You may get worried for a family youngster, but your worries will be unfounded. Getting a good match for an eligible family member may be on your mind. Remain focussed on the academic front.


You will need to manage your time well, if you expect to complete the day’s schedule. Meeting influential people promise better opportunities, so go ahead and expand your circle.

You may need to cut corners just to finance a new project. Keeping spouse informed about something you are engaged in is advised. Some of you can take up some activity or sport just to keep trim and slim.


Tackling work will become easy today, as you find your focus. Remaining in control of things on the academic front is important. Good time is foreseen on the social front. Plans for a fun trip with family may get finalised. Romance looks promising, so organise an exclusive candlelight dinner for two! Business cum leisure trip will help you unwind without affecting work. Take care of your health by eating right.


Sending feelers to someone in charge for a favour may get you what you want. Keep a close tab on the developments on the professional front.

Those wanting to buy a specific piece of real estate will find their wish fulfilled soon. Making plans for a vacation with someone close is possible and will be lots of fun. Adopt a positive attitude in all your dealings. Health needs care.


Take someone close into confidence regarding your hidden activities, if you want to continue them. This is the time for you to firm in at work by putting your best foot forward.

You are set to make your mark on the academic front. Wealth comes to you from various sources and promises to fill up your coffers to the brim. You are likely to enjoy good health by eating right.


Don't take no for an answer and remain your persuasive best, if you want what you seek! Keep your distance from someone who is working against your interests at work.

Overcome difficulties on the academic front fast, before they start affecting your performance. Lending money is akin to losing it, so take your call. A medical problem threatens to lay you up in bed, but it will be nothing serious.


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