Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Monday, February 12th

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Libra: Arrears you had been waiting for long are likely to be received.



Newlyweds or those newly in love will get a chance to enjoy total bliss. You will need to keep expenses within limits in a new project. This is a good day for youngsters to organise a trip.

You may find yourself off mood today, but don’t let it make you get on the wrong side of people who matter under any pretext. A misunderstanding over a trivial issue will be clarified, before it spoils the domestic environment.


Admission to the institute or university of choice may become a reality for some, especially those aspiring to study abroad. Someone is likely to take you into confidence over a confidential matter and ask your advice. Those in show business are likely to be lauded for something they organise or perform.

You are likely to succeed in something you had been hoping to accomplish today. A family member may add to your prestige by his or her achievements.


Homemakers may find it too cumbersome to effect changes at home on the suggestions of other family members. A perfect matrimonial match is likely to be found for someone eligible.

You will do well to give your system a break by fasting or eating a special diet. Delay in getting suitable employment appears unavoidable, but things are certain to move your way. Campus recruitment aspirants may not feel fully satisfied with the terms and conditions offered.


Your gut feeling about a financial issue may get you into hot waters, so don’t be rash. Moodiness of a family member can keep you on your toes. You may get an opportunity to strengthen your loving bonds with lover.

The weather on the professional front looks rough today, but you love competition and will manage to rough it out. You may need to seriously give heed to the advice of a senior on the academic front.



Spouse or a family member may rattle you by remaining uncharacteristically quiet, so get them to spell out the reason. Implementing new ideas on the romantic front will be a step towards rejuvenating your love life. A golden opportunity to travel overseas may come to some.

Someone may expect a helping hand from you on the social front. Those feeling overworked may lack in motivation in whatever they undertake today. You manage to save money by cutting corners.


Support expected from colleagues may not be readily forthcoming at work, so keep your alternate plan ready. Chance of meeting an ex-flame is very much on the cards, so look your best! The time to save money and curb wasteful expenditure is here.

Outside help may be required in academics.  You have your reasons to get worried about a family youngster, but keep your outlook positive. This is a favourable day for doing something together with the family.


Arrears you had been waiting for long are likely to be received. For those desiring changes on the home front may have to take the initiative themselves.

A break from the routine is indicated, but it will be in some official capacity. The day turns out well, but may become tiresome in the end, due to non-cooperation of people at work. Those new in their jobs may have to strive harder to make their mark.


Those experiencing a cash crunch can heave a sigh of relief, as money flows in soon. This is the day when you can venture forth to ask for a personal favour from higher ups at work. An excellent day is indicated for students.  Your persuasive powers will compel all to get into the spirit of the moment in something you have planned on the social front. Fun time is foreseen for those spending time with friends today.


Your ideas and gift of the gab are likely to endear you to your lover and make your day! Networking is likely to help those looking for a suitable job. Those out of shape will need to go the whole hog in attaining physical fitness.

You will manage to complete all unfinished tasks on the work front. A windfall is likely for some. Those planning for a party or a function may get into two minds about it.


Those feeling depressed are likely to find positivity entering their lives once again. Fear hanging over you like the Damocles sword regarding the monetary situation is likely to evaporate, as money comes from unexpected sources. The family will be supportive and do much to keep you entertained.

A leisure trip is indicated.  Starting something new on the professional or business front bodes well for you. There will be ample opportunity for bettering your grade on the academic front.


Encouraging words from the family will be a big morale booster in achieving something difficult on the academic front. On the financial front, you may find yourself quite lucky today. The relationship gets a boost, as lover seems extra lovey-dovey!

You may enjoy perfect health by remaining regular in workouts. The magic of thinking big can do wonders for your current professional situation, so start the process of getting into the good books of superiors by working smart.


Your pleasing manners and a balanced approach to problems will endear you to someone important on the academic front. Past investments are likely to give handsome returns. Those new to an exercise regime will be able to gain immense benefits.

You are likely to win lover’s sympathy over an issue. Your style of working in an unobtrusive manner is likely to come in for praise from superiors. A much-anticipated function is likely to prove most entertaining.