Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, February 2

Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, February 2

Pisces: Someone you are interested in is likely to return your affections.


You can spend the day reminiscing happy times of the past with a close friend or relation. Someone may make you feel that you are someone special in his or her life! You can act as agony aunt to a friend and dish out some sane advice. Money comes from various sources.

The day may find you slogging hard to achieve your goals. Heartening news about someone or something will keep you in a cheery mood the whole day.


You will be able to show an argumentative person his or her place. A windfall is expected and will make you financially stronger. Someone’s guidance will help you much in whatever you are currently involved in. Don’t wait for lover to take the initiative, go forth and enjoy!

You will manage to impress someone important at work and boost up your career prospects. A fun trip is in the offing and promises to prove most exciting.



Finishing an important task is likely to give you immense satisfaction. Someone will go out of the way to help you out. Playing the stocks will prove profitable. A common enemy is likely to bring you closer to a rival at work.

You may have to tighten your belt on the home front, as workload is set to increase. Weigh your words before you speak as you may make or break your relations at work.



Someone on the professional front will go all out to help you, so don’t let this chance pass. Those trying hard to come back in shape will show positive signs. A new form of exercise may benefit some on the health front. A shopping spree will get you some good bargains today.

You will achieve much, as you find the going smooth on the professional front. This is a good time to catch up on the academic front.


Your initiative on the social front will be much appreciated leveraging your spirits to contribute more and more. Spouse’s advice will have much merit in it, so don’t reject it out of hand. If love has been on your mind lately, today, is the day when you get whatever you desire!

Health remains satisfactory. There is certain amount of frustration within you against somebody that you need to throw out. You may genuinely feel the need to do something solid for your near and dear ones.


Differing versions of an incident from different persons will need to be analysed properly to come to a logical conclusion. You can get late for a wedding or a function due to delay in office.

You will need to keep your wits about in a situation that is likely to develop on the professional or academic front. Someone is likely to see through your game on the social front, if you don’t get involved with heart and soul.


Nurturing a relationship is likely to lead to immense emotional fulfilment on the romantic front. Good earning will make you absorb additional expenditure on a home project. It is a good idea to plan a vacation at this time to experience something different.

You are likely to excel in whatever you undertake today, as luck shines on you. Taking a cue from others on the academic front will be in your interest and help you get nearer your goal.


Someone’s visit is likely to brighten your day. You will be able to make the changes at work that favour you. Love is in the air and you will manage to give quality time to lover by keeping everything else on the backburner!

You will smoothly adapt to a changed working environment. You will be able to convince a family elder for something you desperately want. Much fun and frolic is foreseen on the family front.


A sudden turn of events at work will put your performance in a favourable light. You feel much fitter and energetic through your own efforts on the health front. A regular exercise routine will help keep you in shape. Someone may try to put a spanner in your work on the domestic front.

You may get to know someone influential and benefit from the association. The day can find you happily doing up either your home or office.


Your firm belief in yourself will find you overcome all adversities with ease. A job entrusted to you will not only be completed, but completed in an exemplary manner. You can be the toast of your social circle, as you spare no efforts to give a helping hand to those in need.

You will need to be confident enough to tackle someone’s bullying tactics at work. Things turn out for the better in every sphere of life.


You will outshine your colleagues with your inbuilt talent and creativity. A home project is likely to get underway and give you immense satisfaction. A fun trip is in the offing. You will need to give a family youngster some leeway before he or she rebels. If you can convince lover of what is in your heart, it will be half the battle won on the romantic front.



Someone you are interested in is likely to return your affections. Professionally, you are well placed; so feel free to express your ideas to those who matter. You will manage to balance both professional and family life to keep spouse and family members happy.

Keeping yourself active will do your health a whale of a good. You may be forced to participate in something that you are not keen on. This is an excellent time to strengthen your romantic bonds.


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