Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: January 18th

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Sagittarius: You will find yourself much fitter and energetic than before.



This is the best time to put things in order on the personal front. You are likely to seize an excellent opportunity to strike a partnership that will benefit you professionally. A lucrative deal may be within your grasp.

The academic front will appear quite promising for those pursuing higher studies. If you have someone whom you secretly love, today’s is the day for things to turn favourable! Health remains excellent and promises to keep you energetic.


Your confidence is likely to win the day for you. Scoring over professional rivals will not be difficult. Success is foretold on the academic front. A promotion or a prestigious appointment is in store for those in a government job. Your penny-pinching ways will help you in amassing substantial wealth.

Health-wise, you may feel on the top of the world today. You are likely to meet someone you have a soft corner for. Travelling remains hassle-free.


You are likely to diffuse the tensions faced on the domestic front. Your positivity is likely to bring an estranged friend or relation closer. Those in love are likely to enjoy the day.

If you are planning a long drive expect to enjoy your heart out! Decisions taken pertaining to a property will prove right. You will be able to deliver the work promised to a client. Students are likely to fare well in a class test.


You are likely to prove your mettle on the professional front. Lover may ask you for commitment in a relationship which you may not be able to do at this juncture. Some of you may save and plan for an adventure trip. An ancestral property may come in your name.

Good performance by a family youngster will add a feather to their cap. Subordinates may look up to your advice over a professional matter.  


A promotion or raise is on the cards for some. Acquiring property in a prestigious locality is foretold for some. Your experience is likely to count in sorting out a man-management situation at work.

Those new on the job are likely to impress those who matter. Your advice will work in sorting out the differences in the family. A kitty party or a get-together is on the cards and will prove most enjoyable. Health remains good through own efforts.


Getting burdened on the academic front cannot be ruled out. You are earning well and there is no problem foreseen on the financial front in the near future. But, your problem is your reluctance to put this wealth to good use.

Remaining suspicious of people and not spending on essentials on the professional front can lose many lucrative opportunities for you. Remember, if money doesn’t gain you something tangible, it remains just a piece of paper!


You may not prove to be of much help to someone who is banking on you. Some of you can get nostalgic and savour memories of yesteryears. A feeling that someone’s presence could have brought a positive change in your life, had the things gone right, can make you emotional.

It is better to let bygones be and think ahead. There is still much love and commitment in your life that can make it a bed of roses.


You may need to curb your ways, if you want to get on the right side of someone influential. There is a strong likelihood to rearrange the household setting on the home front. You may invite a workplace superior to your home for dinner or high tea.

Your admiration for someone from the opposite gender may show all the signs of turning into romance. Bliss is assured for those in a long-term relationship. A refreshing change can be expected.


You will find yourself much fitter and energetic than before. The day promises to be profitable for businesspersons. Some of you may collect an advance for a big project. Worries about your job will be unfounded, as you continue to do well.

Romance has a special charm for you and you are likely to make the most of it! A thought-provoking issue can keep you mentally occupied. You do well on the academic front through sheer hard work.  


Let things take their own course, as manipulation may spoil the case for you. Bide your time and you are certain to have your way. Family will be your priority today and togetherness will give you immense fulfilment.

Bagging a lucrative deal on the professional front is certain, thanks to your negotiating skills. It is better to accept your mistake on the romantic front now or be crucified later!


You are likely to gain an advantage over a workplace rival. Catching up with classmates on the academic front will not be difficult. You will have enough to set aside for a luxury item.

Those in need will manage to raise a loan. Those feeling under the weather will show a marked improvement in their condition. A health supplement is likely to give the promised results. A good time is likely to be spent chit-chatting with a neighbour.


You may be driven to question someone’s authority at the workplace. The financial front will grow stronger as your income steadily rises. You may buy something for the office or home that was much required. A training partner will make gymming fun and enjoyable.

Those fighting flab are certain to wage a winning battle! You can be sent on a professional mission without adequate briefing, but you will manage anyhow. A matchmaking process may get a suitable mate.