5 things to keep in mind while getting your baby's first haircut

5 things to keep in mind while getting your baby's first haircut

theIndusparent spoke to celebrity hair stylist Amjab Habib on things to keep in mind while getting your baby's first haircut.

Getting your baby's hair cut for the first time is a momentous experience. Like all the other firsts that you may be counting, this too can be a memory to cherish for a long time to come.

But along with the excitement of seeing your baby getting their hair styled also comes the anxiety on whether the little one would be comfortable and operative during the first haircut.

theindusparent spoke to celebrity hair stylist Amjab Habib who comes from the legendary Habib family and runs a chain of salons across the country.

Amjad Habib gives us 5 important points that parents must consider while getting their baby's first haircut


1. The timing: According to Habib, there is no too early or too late time for babies to get their first haircut. Some babies born with a head full of hair may need a haircut within the first year of their lives while others sit on the hairstylists' chair once they are past 2 years.

Habib maintains that however there are a few important points to consider when your kid needs a haircut. He says, "If your child's hair is coming into the eyes or he/she is constantly disturbed by side strands poking their neck it is time to take them to the hairdressers."

2. The prep: It is likely for little children to get intimidated by any new experience. It is better to make them understand what they may be getting into.

This can be done by either taking them to a hair salon with you and showing them how mummy and daddy get their hair cut or showing them videos of other children getting a haircut. This way they will be at ease about this natural process called haircut, which soon will become a routine part of their life.

3. Kid friendly salon: Habib advises to choose a salon that is kids' friendly. He says, "If children enter in a surrounding that is already appealing to them they feel comfortable.

Those cutesy curtains and cars for chairs may serve as great props for your kids to feel at home." It is also better, he says, to choose a stylist who works with children as they are best aware of child reactions and are better equipped to handle them.

4.Use kid-friendly terms: Instead of scaring the kids with terms such as scissors or razor, give these tools friendly names. You can call the scissors, hair shapers.

Some children get scared with the noise of a blow dryer so tell them already about a whooshing noise coming up accompanied by a warm wind. That way they will be better informed about what may come ahead.

5.Engage them: Bring along your child's favourite baby book or an iPad. Yes, mums, we may be breaking rules and asking you to rely on gadgets but it is just for a short time.

If a child is busy with an activity it gives the hairstylist an opportunity to expect a stable head and they can give the desired snip they want. And yes, most importantly, do take before and after pictures as this one is going to go down the memory lanes.

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