Young mum Avantika Kukreti takes us on a guided tour of Cloud Nine Hospital on our unique show Nine Months

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Avantika Kukreti, mum of a six-year-old visits Cloud Nine Hospital and interacts with Dr. Mahendri. Together, they take us through various departments at this renowned healthcare facility. Watch episode for more.

Experts suggest that one of the things that pregnant mums must do while in their second trimester is to visit the place where they intend to deliver the baby. They also advise expecting mothers to make sure that they meet and get introduced to experts like the pediatrician and anesthetist who would be present at the time of their delivery and check out the different hospital departments.


Avantika Kukreti, a young mother, and Dr. Mahendri of Cloud Nine Hospital, take us through different departments of the Cloud Nine Hospital. Watch the full episode right here.



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Prutha Soman