You'll be amazed to know why Kajol married Ajay Devgan at the peak of her career!

You'll be amazed to know why Kajol married Ajay Devgan at the peak of her career!

"I assumed that I would get married and do one film a year. I’ll be happier and be more settled," said Kajol, about her decision to work less after marriage

You may know that Bollywood's very own power couple Kajol and Ajay Devgan have been married for 17 years now. But not many are aware that this cracker of a performer tied the knot with the action superstar at the peak of her career.

By 1998, Kajol was riding high on the success of Dushman and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and her career was incomparable. That year, she won several prestigious awards for her performances. But just a year later, she got hitched to Devgan and cut down her professional commitments.

Now, after 17 years, she has finally revealed the actual reason why she married Devgan just when she was being proclaimed the 'Queen of Bollywood!'

Kajol: "I was ready to calm down"

The actress says that after marriage she chose to slow down professionally because she was clear that she wanted to do only "one film in a year."

"It was the right thing for me to do at that point of time. I had been already working for around eight and a half to nine years. So, I was ready to kind of calm down on my work front and kind of take it easier," the 42-year-old said in a statement.

"I was doing four to five films a year. I didn't want to do only that and to only live like that. That wasn't what I had set out for. So I assumed that I would get married and do one film a year. I'll be happier and be more settled," she added.

Kajol released this rather candid statement while shooting for an episode of Vogue BFFs, where she went down memory lane and also shared her take on working women. 

Continue reading to see how Kajol helped her kids by being a working mum! 

After her hit film Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kajol took a full-time  break only to made a roaring comeback in the 2006 hit film Fanaa opposite Aamir Khan

In fact, just as many working mums do, she decided to take the break to raise her two kids Nysa, 13, and Yug, 5, and enjoy motherhood. However, she plans to take on more professional responsibilities, now that her kids a bit older.  

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Influence of working mums on kids

Speaking to a daily about the influence of working mothers on kids, she recently said, "I honestly think it’s very educative for children to have working parents, and to have a working mother mostly, because that’s where the influence comes on the girl child.”

She also added that she hoped that her daughter would understand her love for her work and follow in her footsteps to be a working woman herself.

"So, hence and therefore, I feel that my daughter hopefully will understand that when she sees her mother go for work… when she grows up, she will realise that it’s important for her to work as well for her own independence and development,” she said.

But did you know that a working mother can have a huge influence on her kids' holistic growth?  

Why all mums must work...

Adding that it is important for women to work even after become mothers, Kajol said, “In whatever area they choose, women should work. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be about going out of the house and working. But the work ethic has to be understood that it’s not only a man’s job to be the breadwinner for the family. That’s where our women’s equality has to start.”

Well, Kajol we completely agree with you!

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