You can lose weight quickly with this one simple desi home remedy!

You can lose weight quickly with this one simple desi home remedy!

A strong concoction, hot ginger water is known for its many benefits that can directly and indirectly help you lose weight

The struggle to lose weight can be quite daunting. I know it was for me when I was trying to lose a few kilos I had put on post-marriage. But after five months of regular exercise and a lifestyle change I was able to fit myself back into my old jeans.

However, in these months I had a constant companion that detoxified my body and simultaneously kept burning all the fat. It was the good old tried and test desi remedy of adrak ka paani (ginger water).

A strong concoction, hot ginger water is known for its many benefits that directly and indirectly burn fat. So let me tell you how I made this refreshing drink.

How to make hot ginger water

  • Heat one cup of water and remove it from heat after it boils
  • Next, add a small slice of ginger (grated or juiced) and let it sit in the water for 5 minutes
  • Now, add one lemon's juice or honey and drink this before breakfast on an empty stomach

Let's take a look at how it works to help you lose weight immediately.

Fat burning benefits of ginger water

#1 Regulates cholesterol

Hot ginger water has a profound effect on the cholesterol levels of the body. This can often lead to obesity in men and women. High levels of cholesterol mean that body mass index is also higher than normal. But drinking hot ginger water can significantly reduce serum and hepatic cholesterol levels. It also acts as a blood thinner, thereby reduces blood pressure.

#2 Increases metabolism

Ginger with its anti-viral and anti-fungal properties basically keeps our immune system in check. This resultantly keeps our metabolism strong. And  we all know that a strong metabolism helps to break down fat faster than usual and also makes it easier to exercise more.


#3 Provides gastrointestinal relief

This herb acts as a colon cleanser and this is a very important detoxification activity, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Since it cleans the colon, it enables better digestion and easily breaks down food in your body. And this results in a healthier and cleaner body, thereby making it easy to lose extra kilos.

#4 Is anti-inflammatory

You may wonder how its benefit of anti-inflammation works to reduce weight. Well, it seems ginger has a trick up its sleeves for almost all our health problems. It does not allow blood vessels to get inflamed in case of a wound. This helps to increase the blood flow in the body and ease pain and increase body heat. All of this of course makes your body burn fat faster than you think.

#5 Reduces cortisol production

Ginger has the property to suppress cortisol, which is a steroid hormone necessary for energy mobilisation and regulation. And if you have chronic stress then this hormone level naturally increases. It also leads to increased belly fat and weight gain. But ginger acts as a shield and suppresses this hormone, thereby, reducing the body's tendency to gain weight.

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Written by

Deepshikha Punj

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