These 4 simple face yoga asanas can get rid of that stubborn double chin

These 4 simple face yoga asanas can get rid of that stubborn double chin

Face yoga techniques can diminish ageing signs from your face, reduce that stubborn double chin and is extremely beneficial for your body post pregnancy

We do everything possible to keep our bodies in shape. But we often neglect our face till we cannot neglect its wrinkles anymore. And then we take drastic cosmetic measures to get our 'youth' back!

Sadly, those are never really the best ideas and can do you more harm than good.

Plus, erratic lifestyles, lack of sleep and exercise and poor blood circulation as well as weakening of facial muscles post delivery are the major causes of fat accumulation on face and on our chins.

So the best way to retain a glowing and sculpted face is by performing face yoga asanas at home.

Yes, you read it right. Some of you may already know about this, but for the uninitiated, face yoga is an exercise technique that can diminish ageing signs from your face, reduce that stubborn double chin and is extremely beneficial for your body post pregnancy.

Method of face yoga asanas

The technique of face yoga involves various facial exercises. These include regular massages that improve blood circulation, remove toxins and even reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

These exercises also include techniques that can increase collagen and elastin, both of which keep our faces supple and youthful. They also include acupressure that naturally increases blood circulation and reduces headache or tension and also boosts energy.

Frequency of face yoga asanas

While it is always best to practice face yoga daily, just like any other exercise; you can perform them for 15-20 mins almost six days a week. One session a day and daily sessions for almost a month can give you a youthful and glowing face.

Apart from these exercises, in order to reduce double chin and bring back that glow, eat right and use a sunscreen when you head out. Also remember to use a moisturiser that suits your skin type. Both of these are extremely important for good skin care.

Facial yoga asanas for reduction of double chin

#1 The 'V' position

This position is beneficial in removing puffiness, tightening droopy eyes and eyelids. It also reduces wrinkles around the eyes and opens them up. Here's how to do this exercise:

face yoga


  • Bring both your middle fingers together and form a 'W' shape.
  • Place the top of your two middle fingers between your eyebrows and your index fingers at the outer corners of your eyes
  • Apply pressure from your index fingers to these outer corners and move your eyes so you can try to look up on the ceiling without moving your head
  • Raise your lower eyelids and make a strong squint
  • Relax and repeat this about six times and then shut your eyes tightly for 10 seconds

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#2 The smile smoother position

With this technique, you will not only reduce the stubborn double chin you may have acquired during pregnancy, but also lift your cheeks and jawline. Here's how you can perform this face yoga position:

face yoga

  • Hide your teeth with your lips and make an 'O' shape with your mouth
  • Now smile as wide as possible while keeping the teeth hidden
  • Repeat this process six times
  • Once you have repeated this process six times, touch your chin with your index finger and repeat the same smile for the seventh time
  • Gently tilt your head up and start moving your jaw up and down (the index finger should still be touching your chin and you still need to have the 'O' smile with hidden teeth)

#3 The Giraffe position

This is another technique that you can use to reduce stubborn chin fat. If you happen to have loose skin around the neck area or perhaps wrinkles, this position is a great way to rid your face off them as well. Here's how you can perform this position:

face yoga

  • Sit comfortably and look ahead. Now gently place your fingers at the end of your neck and make gentle stokes downward
  • Simultaneously, stretch your neck and tilt your head backwards
  • Now bring the head back down and touch the chest
  • Repeat this process two times
  • Next, jut your lower lip outward as much as possible and point your chin upwards while pacing your fingers on the collarbone
  • Hold this position for four breaths and repeat twice

#4 The flirty eyes

This position is primarily for droopy eyes, but in turn also affects stubborn double chin. If you include this exercise with the rest in your 20 min face yoga routine, it can be greatly beneficial. Here's how you can perform this position:

face yoga

  • Place your index fingers under your eyes pointing at the nose
  • Hide your teeth and separate your lips. Make sure that your upper lip and lower lip are apart from each other
  • Now gaze at the ceiling for 30 seconds and flutter your upper eyelids
  • Repeat the process three times

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(Information and Images courtesy: Danielle Collins, Wellnessjunky)

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