Actor Yash Tonk's wife Gouri had the cutest baby shower! Here's proof

Actor Yash Tonk's wife Gouri had the cutest baby shower! Here's proof

The popular television couple are all set to welcome their second baby in a few weeks

It's raining babies in 2016! After Shahid Kapoor, Harbhajan Singh and Suresh Raina welcomed their bundles of joy this year, another famous face is all set to jump on the 'daddy' bandwagon.

The only difference is that he is about to be a second-time father after a long gap of 13 years!

Yes, we are talking about television actor Yash Tonk, who is about to have his second baby with wife Gouri. The couple are already parents of their 13-year-old daughter, Pari. In fact, the couple recently celebrated their new innings with a cute baby shower, and if the pictures are anything to go by, the parents-to-be are clearly elated.

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The radiant mum-to-be Gouri Yadav looked super happy and gorgeous in her bottle green maxi dress accessorised with flower jewellery, while her husband chose a formal black bandgala. Not to forget, their daughter Pari was also very much a part of the celebrations and also chose to go with green, just like mum.

The happy family posed for the cameras and had their friends over to join them in welcoming a new member into their family. Their close family friend and television actor Chavvi Mitta also posted a picture as well as a Boomerang video of the glowing mum-to-be.

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The couple are clearly happy that they are about to be parents again, but this wasn't a planned pregnancy for the Tonks. Speaking to The Times of India about the good news, Gouri shared, “Like Pari, even this baby is unplanned. Pari was born two weeks before our first anniversary. She is elated and has started mothering me. She can’t stop thanking me.”

But when Gouri first broke the news of her second pregnancy, she received an unexpected reaction from her family.

Continue reading to see what happened when Gouri shared the news of her second pregnancy with her family.

When the news broke...

When Gouri first shared the news with her family, she didn't expect such an overwhelming positive response from them; especially because her concentration was on her career at the time.

"He (Yash) was ecstatic. Honestly, I didn’t expect anyone to react the way they did, including my extended family. After my first child, I wanted to get back to work. So, the plan to have another baby was put on the back-burner," the happy mum-to-be explained.

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As for naming their baby, the couple is yet to zero in on a name and left the task for later.

"We hadn’t pre-decided our first child’s name either. Because I was sleepless during my first pregnancy, my doctor started calling me Pari, and that’s how we named the baby. I am waiting for another story to unfold, so that I can name my second child. I wanted my first child to be a daughter, but there is no preference this time around," shared the mum-to-be.

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Yadav joins the list of many women who conceived and had a baby quite late in their lives. In fact, studies have proved that late pregnancies result in super intelligent kids.

Late pregnancies = intelligent kids

As per the study conducted by researchers of the London School of Economics, UK.

This study published in the Biodemographic and Social Biology journal stated that babies born to women who were over 30 were far more intelligent than those born to women in their 20s or 40s. In addition to this information, the study also revealed that these children scored higher in cognitive testing.

Here's hoping Gouri and her baby remain healthy!

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