Riya Sen gets married to long-time beau in a hush-hush ceremony for THIS reason!

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You'll be surprised to know what Riya Sen's famous mum Moon Moon Sen said about the kind of partner her daughters prefer!

Actor Riya Sen surprised everybody when she tied the knot with long-time beau Shivam Tewari in a hush-hush ceremony. The couple's nuptials took place at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Pune on Wednesday, in the presence of close family and friends.

Naturally, the Sen sisters and their entire family is over the moon with this development and even held a pre-wedding bash for their friends.

Riya's elder sister Raima shared a picture of the bash on her Instagram handle and you can see the bride and her hubby (bearded) Shivam in the frame as well. She also shared a picture from the actual wedding ceremony and might we add, the bride looks gorgeous.

While Riya is a known face in B-town as well as regional cinema, not much is known about her husband except that he is a biking enthusiast.

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The REAL reason why Riya tied the knot

The 36-year-old actor who was last seen in the Lonely Girl, has been with Tewari for a long time. In fact, actor who frequently travels abroad has often shared pictures with her now hubby on her social media handles.

And while love may look like the obvious reason for this holy matrimony, if reports are to be believed Riya is apparently expecting and wanted to tie the knot before she became a mother.

But there is another reason for her to settle down with Tewari, which was revealed earlier by her famous actor mum Moon Moon Sen.

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"They need to find boys who are rich"

While speaking with the Times of India (TOI), Sen revealed that both her daughters were "high maintenance," and would only marry a person who can match their expectations.

"Raima likes tall and witty guys, while good looks matter the most to Riya. Money is not important for them as they don't realize its value. But both my girls are high-maintenance, so they need to find boys who are rich, if nothing else," the 63-year-old actress reportedly told TOI.

Well, it looks like love is not the only reason for this marriage, there is clearly more to it than meets the eye. Either way, we wish the happy couple the very best.

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