WOW! Astitva actress Niki Aneja Walia aka Dr Simran looks as stunning as ever!

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Niki lives in London currently and is now mother to two adorable kids.

We all remember her as Dr Simran Mathur from the famous soap Astitva-Ek prem kahaani, that aired in the year 2002. But the fact is that it's been almost 10 years that the show went off air and the Astitva actress Niki Aneja Walia has moved on in life and how.

Astitva actress Niki Aneja Walia stays in London now

Niki Aneja is Wali now and lives in London currently and is now mother to two adorable twins. She married Sonny Walia in February 2002.

What's wonderful is that Astitva actress Niki Aneja Walia has been blessed with a boy Sean and a girl, Sabrina and they both are the centre of her universe as of now.

"I have a very busy schedule with the kids' school and homework, and other responsibilities of a homemaker. But I try and watch what I can. I can't keep up with the daily soaps regularly but game and music shows are easily manageable," says Niki when asked if she gets time to watch Indian soaps anymore.

Not many know that Niki recently made her acting comeback as Pankaj Kapur's wife in the much-talked about film Shaandaar. 

"'Shaandaar' was a great experience. Film content has changed in India. Some great stories are being told now. Here's to hoping that someone who is making these films will consider me for a role," says Niki in an interview to the TimesofIndia.

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Niki says that Astitva was a very different show and was in a league of its own.

"I remember everyone saying the same thing at that time. Astitva was a very different show in those days. I feel the basic programming on TV remains the same. Only a few shows struggle to maintain the status quo of intellectual programming. India has a huge population and the makers and channels have to cater to all. Hence saas-bahus, daayan-naagins and off-beat programmes will exist together," she says.

While she just made an appearance in Shaandaar, Niki says that she has not really stopped working. Niki is currently working in a show in the UK and wants to do more work in India after Shaandaar.

"I don't think I want to move back permanently; I would rather my kids not be uprooted. I can go back and forth as much as needed. My support back home is very strong, so I am confident of managing well on both fronts," she says.

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