New mommy Shweta Tiwari looks fresh as a daisy days after the birth of son Reyansh!

New mommy Shweta Tiwari looks fresh as a daisy days after the birth of son Reyansh!

How does she manage to look so beautiful?

There's no stopping new mommy Shweta Tiwari. Yes, that's right! Days after giving birth to her second child, son Reyansh, the second-time mum is back in shape and is glowing like never before.

Shweta posted a picture of herself sporting designer jewellery two weeks post child birth and we must say that we were stunned to see her looking as fresh as a daisy.

While common new mums (like me) take months, sometimes even a year, to get back to their previous self, we must say that we were surprised to see her looking drop-dead gorgeous. Don't believe us? Check out the picture yourself!


Thank you @allrystudio for this beautiful piece of jewellery .... I love it...! ❤️

A photo posted by Shweta Tiwari Kohli (@shweta.tiwari) on

Shweta gave birth to her second child with Abhinav Kohli on November 27 and it the happy father took to the social media to announce the birth of their bundle of joy.

“We are very happy. Thank you all for the best wishes. It is a boy. He was born on November 27. The baby is healthy. We will take Shweta and the newborn home on Saturday. We haven’t decided the name yet,” said Abhinav Kohli to

In fact, it was also Abhinav who gave the first glimpse of their bundle of joy and posted a very heartwarming with the picture: “Your First Breath took Ours Away….!”

However, the name of the son was revealed by the mother and she chose a unique, mythological name for their child.

Continue reading on the next page to know how they use their son's name!

After two weeks of speculation about the baby's name, the couple finally revealed their child's name and chose a name that has mythological connotations. Along with a picture of the baby's hands, the new mum shared the baby's name and also her joy with just a single quote.

She wrote: "Reyansh Kohli... From the moment they placed you in my arms, you snuggled right into my Soul." The couple have chosen a beautiful Hindu name which means 'ray of light' and it also means 'part of Lord Vishnu.'

How to get the glow back after childbirth

The Kasautii Zindagii Kay actor had been keeping her fans abreast with her final stages of pregnancy with some gorgeous baby bump pictures as well pictures from her fun baby shower. But what has left us all wondering is how the 36-year-old actress managed to look gorgeous throughout the pregnancy and now two weeks post child birth!

New mums go through a lot of emotional and physical upheavals after childbirth and if that was not enough, they're often sleep-deprived, all of which takes a toll on their skin. But, fret not. Here are a few tips that all new mums can follow:

1.Up your fluid intake: Drink at least eight glasses of water every day and also make sure that you include healthy fluids such as coconut water and fresh fruit juices in your diet. Not only would they enhance your breastfeeding diet, they'd also help your skin rediscover its lost glow.

2. Yoga and meditation: While you must not perform heavy exercise, yoga and meditation exercises such as controlled breathing and pranayam, would not only help your body recover, but would heal you from within, which automatically would reflect on your face.

3. Sleep as much as you can: There's a reason it's said that new mothers should sleep when the baby sleeps. While it would be difficult to get a good night's sleep for the first few months, try and take multiple power naps throughout the day to give your body the much-needed rest. Your skin would say than you!

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