#WorkingMom Mantras: Getting back to work after the tyohaars!

#WorkingMom Mantras: Getting back to work after the tyohaars!

These 4 tips can help you me strike the right balance between being in a holiday mood with the family and also being productive at work.

Let’s face it. This time of the year in Indian homes is just so wonderful, and tough!

The past few weeks, no, the past couple of months actually, have just been about preparing for the many Indian festivals that are lined up though the second half of the calendar year. From planning what you and your children and partner will wear, to what gifts to buy for family and friends, where to head out on those long weekends that have magically appeared this year, and doing all that cleaning and preparing at home.

Let me just say that, even though I love all these tyohaars and festivities, it does make me exhausted, and yes, leaves me sad about getting back to the regular work routine.

Each year I battle it out, trying to get back my work zing and beat those Monday morning blues that seem to come up every day of the work week, once the festivities are over. But this year, I decided to plan a little better, so that even as I can really enjoy all the fun and holidays with my family, I am also able to head back to work with a fresh and positive mind.

Here are a few things I have already started doing, that are helping me strike the right balance between being in a holiday mood with the family, and also being productive at work.

#WorkingMom Mantras: Getting back to work after the tyohaars!

4 tips that help me get back to work happily, after a holiday!

1. Maintain some routine 

I never used to understand the importance of a routine, but now, I make sure to get up at the same time each morning, at least from Monday to Friday. Whether I am at a vacation, taking an off and staying home or even working, I wake up around the same time that I do on a work day. This helps me follow the alarm clock when work starts back in full swing.

2. Keep a to-do list ready

I always jot down all the things I need to do once I am back from holiday and have to start work. I usually carry a small journal with me everywhere and I jot down about work and home to-do lists. This helps me be prepared about what all I need to do once the vacation is over and helps me plan in advance.

#WorkingMom Mantras: Getting back to work after the tyohaars!

3. Use the spare time

Sometimes, even if I am on a holiday mode, I make use of the excess free time and catch up on some work. This is not something I often do, but if the kids are sleeping, or if hubby and kids are in the pool and I am just lazing outside, I may catch up on half an hour or an hour of work and keep it ready in advance.

4. Get home two days prior to work

Earlier, I used to return home only the night before work. This meant that I would be late to sleep, would wake up tired and still hungover from the holiday mode. Now, I try and reach home at least 2 days before I have to get to work, so that I have enough time to prepare the school stuff for kids, get my work stuff ready and prepare myself to get back to the terrific home and work mode mommy! ;)

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