An exclusive chat with Aparna Pandey, Business Head of Epic Channel

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Television professional for the past 18 years, Aparna Pandey has the distinction of launching four television channels in India, each in a distinct category.

Television professional for the past 18 years, Aparna Pandey has the distinction of launching four television channels in India, each in a distinct category. She launched Zoom in India as the head of content and then launched three new channels as the GM and Business Head of BIG CBS. She is currently Business head of Epic channel.

Theindusparent caught up with the dynamic woman in an exclusive tete-a-tete.

1.What are the three values that you got from your parents as a child that has made you the person you are today?

  • Honesty
  • Discipline
  • Hard work

These are the three values that my parents instilled in us from the time that we could understand. And as I have evolved I have realized that this is so true. There is no substitute for hard work, there are no shortcuts in life. Discipline helps you manage your life better in every aspect of your life. And honesty allows you to never watch your back and helps you to sleep better at night! :)

2. Who was the biggest influence in your life to help your grow to be a successful woman?

Several people at various stages of my life have helped me grow. I don’t think I can attribute it to a single person. I come from a family that kind of just took it for granted that one has to excel in whatever one does. There was no gender bias or curbs on following your dreams.

Various people in my work life have led to growth and learning. In the late 90’s, when I had started a career with Sony Entertainment Television , Ravina Raj Kohli who headed programming , recognized my potential and gave a lot of support and confidence. She helped me break my own barriers. The one constant person who believes in me more than I believe in myself is my husband.

3 Where do you get strength from in times of crisis?

I am an over thinker. So I analyse the situation, work out the best and worst case scenario and act accordingly. I lean on the people close  to me for strength, most of all my husband. I also believe in a Divine power and that faith gives me strength.

4. How do you maintain work-life balance and find time to spend with your family?

Frankly, in the Indian corporate scenario this is a tight rope walk. In my earlier days, I have worked 20 hours a day. I had work on my mind all the time. As I have become older, I have realised the importance of a balance in life. I make it a point to mentally switch off on the weekends.

I also do not encourage working late and try to ensure that everyone gets time to spend with their family. I have re-cultivated my hobbies. I read a lot. Fitness is also another stress reliever for me and an obsession. Travelling is my passion. So we make sure that we plan holidays at regular intervals. It really re-energizes us.

5.What do you think about the state of women in India and what we must do for the betterment of women in India?

Well, this will run into a thesis. So without getting into everything I think it is important that every woman is educated enough to become financially independent and manage her own money. That will automatically right the balance in this country.

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