Woman claws her way out of grave after fiance buries her alive

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The man has been convicted of attempted murder and faces a possible life jail term

In a rather bizarre turn of events, a woman from Wales had to claw her way out of her grave after she was buried alive by her fiance, reports The Independent.

Stacey Gwilliam, 34, was attacked by her fiance Keith Hughes after they had a tiff. She blacked out after the attack. Believing her to be dead, Hughes buried her body under a pile of thick foliage.

When she regained consciousness, she clawed her way through the undergrowth and branches. Once she was out of there, she collapsed outside a golf club where the cops were called.

She spent 26 days in hospital after the attack and of this, 14 were spent in a medically induced coma. Hughes has been convicted of attempted murder by the Swansea Crown Court and faces a possible life jail term.

Pic courtesy: The Independent

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Avinash Iyer