'With all the degrees in my kitty, I chose to focus on my family, my son'

'With all the degrees in my kitty, I chose to focus on my family, my son'

Mumbai-based awesome working mum, Karina Bhavnani knows how to play her cards well... and why not! Read her story


awesome working mum

Karina with her son, Parth, and husband, Anil

This woman radiates energy that’s indescribable. So there are no lights that go bonkers when she enters the room, but the aura that surrounds her, calms your nerves and you feel at peace.

Meet Karina Bhavnani, a tarot reader, a homemaker, mum to a 15-year-old boy, a friend, philosopher and guide to whoever seek her help. That’s right, she automatically fits in the ‘awesome working mum’ mould, doesn’t she? Read on to see what she has to say.

How does it feel playing super mum? 

Well, in fact I feel that being a mum by itself is super. Whether you are a full time working mum, a sit at home mum or a part time working mum, a mother’ s heart is always going to beat for her little one. When my son was born, I decided that he will always come first for me.

As much of support you may have, a mother will always do the best for her child. It’s an un written bond between the souls and the mother always understands the child the best. Not that I never wanted to work… That was always on the agenda. So I was just waiting for the right time.

Kindly tell us about yourself?

I am an artist at heart. I  went to St. Xavier’s college Mumbai for 3 years. After which I went to Sophia’s polytechnic to pursue Art. I did a year in foundation Art and then went on to do my screen printing course. Alongside, I also pursued my graduation in Sociology and Political Science. When I got married, I decided to focus on my family life for a few years.

My son was around 6 years old when I felt like learning tarot card reading. I never looked back after that. Healing had also become a part of my life by then. Today I write a column on star signs for the Otters club magazine. I have also written for the Brunch Quarterly magazine by the Hindustan Times. It’s been a wonderful journey so far.

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awesome working mum

Parth with the star of the Bhavnani household, Ringo

What’s a typical day like in the life of Karina?

Since I attend to my clients from home, I start my work day at 12 noon. So many a times I have around 2 – 3 clients a day. On such days I finish by 7 p.m. latest because that’ s when my husband usually returns home from work.

Many a times I take Skype sessions with international clients at night. This is mainly because of the time difference. So my work does keep me quite busy.

If you were to create a pie chart of your life, how would you divide your time between work, spouse, kids, friends and self?

Dividing your time between family, work, kids, friends and self in Mumbai can be tough. I think, here what counts is balance. So for self, I wake up in the morning and do my kriyas. During the day I am busy with work and managing the house.

Since my husband and me have common friends, we socialize together and once in a while I do my dinners and coffees with my girl friends. Mostly during the week we try to stay home for my son who is also quite busy with school, classes and friends. So bonding at dinner time and watching our TV programs in the family room is fun. Overall I feel it’s just how one balances it out.

As a working mum, what are the challenges you face?

Since I work from home, and I have my personal client base, I have never really faced the challenge that a working lady would face. I don’t really have to meet any deadlines and I don’t face pressures of a regular work life.

In that way I feel blessed. The only reason I chose to work from home was that I wanted to be there for my son whenever he needed me. So I guess it has worked out really well for me.

Who has been Karina’s sounding board throughout her journey? Continue reading to find out

awesome working mum

Karina and Anil caught in a selfie moment!

What has been your biggest emotional struggle while bringing up both your career and kid?

Like I said before, I have never really had to struggle for either. I can count it as a blessing. I do work from home and I am doing very well for myself. But at the same time I have always been there for my family and my child. I would also say that in that way, my family and especially my husband has always supported me.

Who has been your sounding board throughout your journey?

My sounding board has undoubtedly been my husband.

How do you unwind over the weekend (with your family)?

On weekends, Friday and Saturday nights we either go out for dinner with friends or catch a movie. Sundays are more or less at home, chilling and reading books and spending time with each-other.

Your idea of Me time?

I feel that every woman should have loads of like-minded girl friends. Meeting your girl friends alone is always relaxing. If you have a great relationship with your mother and sister, then that can work wonders for you.

I do that with my friends and my mum. My sister is in another country so I connect with her on Skype and FaceTime . I also like going alone for walks once in a while.

What does being a mum mean to you?

The word ‘mum’ to me means unconditional love… when you put another human being before you for the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter how old your child becomes, you can never stop thinking about him. In short, your heart never stops beating for your child.

Advice to working mums?

With the limited time that we have, make sure that you place your children under the care of the right people. Communication is very important with kids. If you give only love and care, your children will always turn to you in the hour of need. So develop a friendly bond with them.

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Divya Nair

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