3 Reasons why you should not miss India’s first international children’s festival

3 Reasons why you should not miss India’s first international children’s festival

Do you regret not having enough space for your child to play in Mumbai? Well, Windmill festival for children is where you should head to. Read on to know more…

I spent the first 30 years of my life in suburban Mumbai. There was no Windmill festival for children then. My childhood has happy memories of playing cricket with my buddies in a small courtyard below my building. It was almost fun, as no one could last long in that small space.

Later, the feeling of a limited play area was reinforced when I watched so many teams playing cricket at once at Shivaji Park, or at Azad Maidan. Little did I know that in other places in the world, children do have huge play areas!

Job and responsibility, as well as an itch to travel,  took me to places around the world. I was amazed at the infrastructure, the greenery, and the open spaces in foreign countries. But with that came the realisation as my child grows up in Mumbai, he is not going to have the luxury of open spaces.

And these were my thoughts up until now, as December is going to bring more than just Christmas to Mumbai.

I am sure you have been to the Reliance Jio Gardens at BKC, Mumbai. Imagine the huge place primed up just for your children because on 16 and 17 December 2017, your child is going to have a time of her life at the Windmills festival, and it does not matter how old she is!

3 Reasons why you should not miss India’s first international children’s festival

Here are three big reasons why you should not miss it.

1. The biggest festival for children in India

3 Reasons why you should not miss India’s first international children’s festival

Yes! This is the biggest festival for children. It is no ordinary mela or a fun fair. This is a place where your child is going to get entertainment as well as explore her creativity. Organised by Event Capital and Tribe Asia, the most amazing part of Windmill festival for children is, for these two days, everything is going to be about them!

2. Insane fun for all—from infants to teenagers!

3 Reasons why you should not miss India’s first international children’s festival

Do you have an infant or a toddler? He is welcome to the Windmill festival for children. There is an area just for them where they can have lots of fun. Does he not enjoy puppets? There is going to be a special puppet show just for his age group. Let him enjoy and learn through dance, music and movement workshops.

For the explorers, between the ages 4 through 7, there are so many activities! For a budding musician, there are workshops on percussion and playing simple songs.

To satisfy the natural curiosity that is seen at this age, there are workshops with a STEM theme something every concerned parent today is looking forward to. In addition, there are workshops on road and home safety, a need of the hour.

For young innovators, between the ages 8 through 14, there are workshops from astronomy to gastronomy, so there is everything for an aspiring scientist to a master chef. But that is not all.

Children for Mumbai rarely get to be involved in adventure sports, so your child can try his hand (or foot) at basketball, hockey, rugby, and football, just to name a few popular sports.

For the artists, there are workshops on photography, origami, clay modelling, and pottery. Your kids can learn photography, something I would have looked forward to as a child. I am not sure if children will enjoy it more or parents! There are more than 50 free workshops to ensure that your child has a lot of memories to take home with him.

And while you are doing all this, take a moment to visit the largest petting zoo in India. I have never seen one in India before, and my child just loves to cuddle rabbits! After we are done here, it would be time for the performers! Harun Robert a.k.a Rob is going to show his mad skills, at the same time, he is going to engage the kids.

And who can miss the concerts? There are going to be live performances by Arjun Kanungo, Darshan Raval, Akasa Singh, Bhavya Pandit, and Vipin Heero. This will be the perfect way to end the day, the entire day being enjoyed outdoors!

3. ‘Me’ time for parents

3 Reasons why you should not miss India’s first international children’s festival

Mums and dads, this is not your regular mela. It is so much more. Not only are there more than dozens of activities for children, there is something for you as well. So, if you want some ‘me’ time during the day here, you can drop the child off at the daycare centre and enjoy a relaxing massage.

Mums, make use of the luxury retail space. Splurge on yourself you deserve it! In addition, there are workshops for you as well. Get to know about the latest parenting trends through experts. And while you are there, shop for groceries online, so you dont have to worry about a visit to the supermarket.

For dads, there are workshops where you can have some quality father-child time. Impress your children by cooking something wonderful for them, or barbequing their favourite dishes. Share your mechanical knowledge with them in the garage workshop. Or just laze around with them, something that you rarely get time to do.

I am going, are you not?

Did I mention, this is the FIRST international festival for children in the country? I am definitely going, for I dont want to miss all the fun. And in the evening, I am definitely attending the concerts, I want my kid to have all the fun that I could not as a child. And I am guessing, you want the same for your child as well. So I suggest booking tickets now at Bookmyshow.com.  And dont forget to check the website for more details about the event.

So, I am going to see you there, right?

Written by

Anay Bhalerao

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