Wife murders husband after he forced her to sleep with her own brother for a SON!

Wife murders husband after he forced her to sleep with her own brother for a SON!

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In an outrageous incident in Delhi, a woman, Meena Devi, killed her husband, Ram Vishal, after he forced her to sleep with her own brother, Bal Govind! Yes, that's right.

As per news reports, the husband was so obsessed with a son that he would threaten his wife to get her gang-raped if she resisted. He would also beat her up violently and would threaten her to sell her off to a brothel.

All for a son...

That's not enough. Despite all her efforts, this carried on for a year and Ram Vishal would often supervise the whole "act" as he was desperate for a son who could carry forward his lineage and take care of his family business, say reports.

The couple already has a daughter and Meena says that she was forced to undergo many abortions as her husband was afraid that he would be blessed with a girl again.


Wife murders husband after he forced her to sleep with her own brother for a SON!


But finally one fateful day of March, her patience ran out and she came up with a plan to kill her own husband. That night, she mixed sleeping pills in his dinner and strangled him with her dupatta when he fell dozed off. She then called the police the next morning and reported about that murder.

“It was a blind case. We received a call from the woman saying that her husband has been murdered. She was crying. To avert arrest she even concocted a story. She told us that two guests had come to visit her husband and they had a party after which they all slept in one room, while she slept in another room. She said that when she woke up the next morning, she saw that the room was locked from outside. When she opened the door, she found her husband dead on the bed and the two guests were missing,” police officials told a leading newspaper.

She was mentally tortured...

But the police suspected something fishy when the CCTV footage revealed that there was only one man who was with the woman at the time of the murder and on investigating they found that he was her own brother, Govind.

“When we confronted her with the footage, she broke down and narrated how she and her brother had hatched a plan to kill her husband. Following her statement, we arrested the woman and her brother was also apprehended,” said the police.

During the probe, the woman spoke about how she was mentally and physically tortured for the last 18 years to somehow give birth to a son. The couple had a baby girl but she died after four years due to malnourishment. She also underwent a series of abortions.

“Whenever the man found that his wife has a baby girl in her womb, he got her aborted. The woman then gave birth to a baby girl in 2010. As he grew desperate, he allegedly started threatening and mentally torturing his wife. She alleged that he often beat her up and questioned her character. She alleged that each night he would force her to get intimate with her brother and made sure he supervised the act to ensure that they were not fooling him,” the police officer added.

Govind had no choice but to comply with the demands of his brother-in-law Ram Vishal as he had taken a loan from him, say the police.

Crazy folk remedies to have a boy

While it doesn't really matter in today's age to have a girl or a boy, but there are some Indian states which still consider the boy to be the carrier of the family's legacy and traditions. From having sex only on odd days of the week to asking women to lie down to their left with their faces pointing North, here are certain crazy remedies that are still used across India.

1. Conception before pooranmashi: This is a method that is backed by scientific studies. Yes, that's right. Folklore says that if a woman conceives during the 24 hours of a full moon or pooranmashi, she would conceive a baby boy and if before or after that it would be a girl.

2. Eating certain foods: There are also stories that say that eating certain fruits such as pickles increase your chances of having a baby boy. It is said that sodium and potassium balance is key to conceiving a baby boy.

3. Chanting mantras: Many elderly people also believe that chanting certain mantras is a sure shot way to conceive a baby boy. The Gopal santaan mantra is a popular one that helps conceive a baby boy.

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