Why you should use Sarson for your child this winter season

Why you should use Sarson for your child this winter season

Mustard commonly known as sarson in India, has many nutritive benefits. From the mustard seeds, to mustard leaves and finally the mustard oil. All of it holds a special value for your and your kids this winter.


Why you should use Sarson for your child this winter season


What is Mustard?

Native to Europe, mustard is been widely used across the globe. From about thousands of years, the mustard plant has been quite popularly cultivated in North Africa, Asia, and Europe more like an herb, and was even popular amongst the ancient Greeks and Romans. Mustard is consumed as seeds, leaves and oil as mentioned previously.

There are mainly three varieties of mustard seeds available. These include yellow, brown and black. Mostly, yellow mustard seeds can have a mild flavor.

Generally, this is used in making mustard condiment used in hot dogs and sandwiches. Sometimes turmeric is also added to mustard for that yellow color.


Why you should use Sarson for your child this winter season


What are its benefits?

Mustard Seeds: It is rich in protein, vitamin B1 & B3, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. These seeds are later pressed to get oil. Protein and calcium are one of the most essential nutrients that growing kids should include in their diet.

Mustard seeds has many religious significance as well. It is both mentioned in the bible and related to a story by Gautam Buddha.

Mustard Leaves: Mustard leaves are very high in vitamin A, K & C. It is a very good source of antioxidants that help rejuvenate the body cells. It aids in digestion and smooth bowel movement. If your child is constipated, this is the best solution.

Also due to its high volumes of vitamin K, it enhances the child's bone building as well, while Vitamin C helps in boosting the immunity levels.

Mustard Oil: Mustard oil can be both consumed internally and used externally as well. Mustard oil is specially used to cook in the north and east of India. Especially in winters, it helps to keep the body warm and protected against the cold.

It is pungent in taste and one needs to develop the taste for the same. Too much usage of mustard oil while cooking food may not be very advisable due to its high-fat contents.

But the usage of mustard oil for massage is highly recommended. The heat in the oil, keeps the child warm, helps to enrich the skin pores and fight dryness during winters.


Why you should use Sarson for your child this winter season


How can you use it for your child?

Mustard seeds can be used as tadka in dal, breakfast meals snacks etc. Also mustard seeds can be powdered and used in healthy yogurt dips etc.

Mustard leaves are best used a gravy and soup bases. The not only taste amazing, but also is very healthy for your child.

Giving your child a massage with lightly heated mustard oil is ideal during winters. It also helps in hair growth and strengthening.

Even as adults, due to the high levels of vitamin K in mustard oil massaging is very advisable. It helps in smoothening wrinkles and protects against pollution.

P.S- Do not forget to treat your child with sarson da saag and makai di roti this winter!

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