Here's why new mum Soha is keeping daughter Inaaya from the limelight!

Here's why new mum Soha is keeping daughter Inaaya from the limelight!

Soha Ali Khan has seen what happened to nephew Taimur Ali Khan and clearly doesn't want the same to happen to her own daughter.

New mum Soha Ali Khan is a very busy woman these days. From giving her undivided attention to daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu, to working on her diaper-changing skills, Soha has her hands full.

But she admits that while all this is fairly new to her, she is absolutely in awe of it, just as any regular new mum would. "There's no question of dividing my time because Inaaya takes up all my time," she shared with Mumbai Mirror.

However, changing and her baby and caring for her 24x7 is still unchartered territory for the 38-year-old who is the youngest in her own family.

"I never had to change a diaper before"

Soha explains the changes Inaaya has introduced in her life as a new mum.

"Since I was the youngest in my family, I never had to change a diaper before. My sister, Saba, helped look after me, my brother, Saif, probably helped look after Saba, I didn't have to look after anyone. Now, suddenly, I have a baby who is dependent on me for food and comfort. She can't even scratch herself and I feel so responsible for this life!" she says.

It's this dependency that has prompted Soha to keep Inaaya away from the cameras and concentrate on brining her up away from the limelight. But there is another reason for this secrecy.

Taimur is responsible for Inaaya being shielded inside home?

Soha shared that she doesn't feel the need to bring Inaaya out in public to get photographed simply because she is just a baby. Plus, she has seen what is happening to Taimur and that may be one of the major reasons.

She explains, "I'm sure after a point people are disinterested. Taimur is a child and it's not like he's wearing designer clothes every day that he has to be clicked. As an actor you understand that this is a part of your job, but your kids are entitled to some privacy."

As parents we try to keep them away from the limelight...

And she may well be right. Because she is not the only star mum to shield her baby from the limelight.

Twinkle Khanna also famously said, "I think she (Nitara) is very young and she should get her privacy. I don't really put up pictures of my son Aarav. I think that they are growing and if they come out with me for a movie or something and then if someone clicks pictures then I am ok. As parents we try to keep them away from the limelight until they understand the consequences and learn to handle themselves."

Not just outside, but these famous parents are also following social media silence to shield their kids, just as you and I should for our own children. Wondering what these rules are? Here's what you must keep in mind (as previously shared).

  • Posting without permission: Yes, there is such a thing, even for parents. As parents our responsibility is to teach our kids that they have a right on their bodies and that begins with asking them if they want certain pictures of theirs posted online.
  • Posting information about bad parenting days: The Internet is really not the best place for parents to vent out their frustration over a bad parenting day. Your child will grow up one day and perhaps read your post, which may have made sense then, but in the long run could ruin your relationship.
  • Posting images to brag: Yes, your child is excellent in academic or sports, but again, Internet is not the best place to boast and brag about your child every day. Unless of course, you want them to be embarrassed in the future!

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