Here's why Indian women must wear kangan every day

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In India, traditional demands married women to mandatorily wear kangan or bangles, but the actual scientific reason that started this is simply amazing

Most Indian women wear kangan or bangles as a symbol of suhaag and a representation of a their marital status. But did you know that it actually started in the ancient days for a very simple scientific reason?

Yes, that's right!

Tradition and significance of wearing kangan

In India, traditional demands married women to mandatorily wear kangan. In fact, it is often believed that wearing bangles is a symbol of the well-being of the husband and the children.

Most Indian women wear kangan or bangles as a symbol of suhaag. It signifies their marital status but has now evolved to become a customary tradition. In some cultures it is also believed that while gifting kangan to a new bride one must gift a set of two or more and not one kangan.


That's because the number two (kangan) represents the couple and more of course, is a blessing for the prosperity and growth of the family. That's perhaps the reason why most mothers-in-law gift their new daughters-in-law a set of two kangan or kadas, especially in North India.

However, it is not only in North India, but almost everywhere that a new bride is adorned with bangles. For instance, in Bengal a new bride wears shakha and pola, which is made out of a conch shell. In southern states, new brides are seen wearing gold bangles for the same reason.

In Punjab, Gujarat and Rajasthan new brides wear chooda, white a red bangles that are often gifted by the girl's maternal uncle or maama. And most brides are supposed to wear these traditional bangles for a particular period of time.   

But all of this started because of a simple scientific reason and we bet you'll be amazed to read about it.

Continue reading to see why women actually starting wearing bangles and why you must too!

Scientific reason for wearing kangan or bangles

You may know that usually the wrist is a point of constant flow of energy. This is proved by the fact that many of the acupressure points for our entire body are in and around our wrists and hands.

It is also one of the most used parts of our body and therefore, can indicate the heart flow and pulse level. No wonder then most of doctors go for the wrist to check body temperature and heart pressure.


When a woman wears bangles or kangan she keeps the blood flow stimulated because they are in constant touch with the wrist. And because of the circular shape of this ornament, the energy of the body flows back into the body, thereby, keeping the blood pressure in control.

In ancient times, when women did all the household chores, it was believed that by wearing these ornaments they will be able to keep themselves energised and their body temperature under control.

While wearing kangan can be a great way of keeping your blood pressure under control, if you are not a fan, you can also try a few simple wrist exercises that can also help stimulate the flow of energy.

  • While sitting, you can simply rotate your wrists once clockwise and then in an anti-clockwise direction. This also relieves any pain or pressure, especially if you have a sedentary job.
  • You can also stand and bring your arms to the shoulder level in a 90 degree position. Now rotate your wrists, whilst maintaining your overall body position.
  • Finally, you can rotate each arm clockwise and anti-clockwise to stimulate the overall blood flow in both the arms and wrists.

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