Say no to timetables: Why I let my daughters choose what THEY want to do!

Say no to timetables: Why I let my daughters choose what THEY want to do!

I don’t believe that confirming to set patterns will make my kids successful.

As a young mom with two daughters aged 3 and 9, I have always been non-conformist. Blame it on the inherent rebel inside me or the fact that I never believed in doing something just because everyone does it.

The first issue I had with our education system was how early our kids have to enter the school system. Kids as young as 2-and-half start going to regular school, which I feel is way too early.

By the time they are 4, they’re expected to be adept at not just reading but writing too! Did you know that the minimum age at which a child can comfortably hold a pencil without causing any damage is 6?!

At every PTM session, the parents would line up with solemn faces, asking teachers how their kids were doing and why they failed to get that extra score, when the child is barely 4 or 5 years!

Are my kids having fun...


On the other hand, I would ask the teachers if my kids were having fun, and they always assured me they were doing fine. In fact, my elder one has been a topper throughout.

For me, as long as what you’re learning is fun, you will understand it way better. Once it becomes monotonous or becomes a chore is when something is wrong.

I gave up on the study by timetable concept long back. For my elder one, it is more of learning through everyday activities and experiences. Of course, it is important to study for that test and understand the topic, but more than that, it is also important to have an open mind and free access to learning, as opposed to sitting down by the clock and studying.

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For instance, my elder one is a fan of various international culinary shows and knows about a host of ingredients, cooking styles and global cuisine. She won't learn this by just reading a book.

When she reads a menu, she knows exactly what she wants and what and how to order - and she is 9. My younger one knows all about alphabets, numbers, colours, days of the week, month, shapes, poems, basic manners, etiquette, how to greet people and a host of other 'how to's' - and she is 3.

It's time to break the rules

I do not want to restrict my kids in a set timetable appreciated by school, society, family, friends, relatives and everyone out there. I don’t believe that confirming to set patterns will make my kids successful. Instead, finding your heart's voice and following it will make them the person they really want to be and be happy about it.

I’m happy and proud that all their learning is coming from their choices. Life isn't about just mugging up, learning to do your calculations, reciting some lines and memorizing dates and formula.

I don't know what you think, but I think that life is a little and a lot more than that. It is about seeing rather than looking, of dreaming rather than just wishing, of fighting it out rather than giving up, of believing rather than criticizing, of trying rather than crying, of living rather than just surviving.

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