Why I decided NOT to have a mundan ceremony for my baby

Why I decided NOT to have a mundan ceremony for my baby

The myth behind the mundan ceremony says that the hair a baby has in the mother's womb brings bad luck

We always wanted a daughter and I just can't forget when the doctor in the OT room said Heena, you've been blessed with a baby girl!

The moment she was kept on my chest, she started crying and I instinctively told her 'Myrah, don't cry baby' and to everyone's surprise, she stopped crying immediately. All the doctors were surprised to know that I already had a name for her and more than that she also reciprocated to the name, just like an obedient daughter.

In the name of tradition

Back home all my relatives were horrified at the thought of naming a baby without getting a kundali made by the astrologer and not having a name that was based on the rashi-based letters. Am sure they were disappointed with me and my decision.

But, I was born in an open-minded family, where my parents always allowed me to speak my mind and do what I felt was right. This is why since my childhood I was always seeking for a logic in all the rituals that were performed in my family and, to my surprise, most of them were illogical! The day I conceived I had decided that I would raise my child without any inhibitions.

So yes, we decided a name for her, while she was in my womb as I strongly knew it's a girl from the start! As days passed by, relatives started inquiring about the mundan ceremony (Mundan ceremony is one of the biggest and common ceremonies performed for babies in Hindu households) and started pressurizing me to get the same done.

Does womb hair really bring bad luck?


The myth behind the mundan ceremony says that the hair a baby has in the mother's womb brings bad luck or carries negative energy around the child! I was livid! How can the womb that develops a child, gives her blood and flesh, bring bad luck through her hair?

Besides, I saw many mothers cry when their baby went through the torturous process of getting the hair removed. After seeing those cuts on their scalp, and the fear in those babies' eyes , I just didn't want my daughter to go through the same.

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My daughter was born with a headful of hair and they had grown beautifully, which is why I finally decided to NOT get a mundan done for her as scientifically there is no reason behind it. I still get to hear a lot of taunts from my relatives but I let it slide through because it doesn’t matter to me anymore.

Change is a necessity

I believe one needs to be the change to actually change the society. But this does not mean that I'm against people who perform these rituals. However, I do want parents to not succumb under pressure and do things which they do not believe in.


I want to grow my daughter with an open mind and take her own decisions on pure logic and no myths. I want her to grow up with a mind of her own.

This is why I insist all mothers to think before reacting on myths set by society. You are the best judge for yourself and your child. I'd like to end this note by one of my favourite quotes by Rumi:

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field, I'll meet you there


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Written by

Heena Lulla

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