Here's why EVERY parent must watch Kahaani 2

Here's why EVERY parent must watch Kahaani 2

The film touches upon a subject that hounds all parents today.

My love for the eternally talented and beautiful Vidya Balan is no secret, and I am one of those ‘fans’ who watch all her movies without fail. Of course, there’s a good reason to do so.

All of her movies, barring the few she did in pure commercial sense, come with an amazing story line and have so much to talk about later. Kahaani 2 is no different. I went for the movie with no expectations, just watching her on-screen was enough, and I already had an idea the story would be explosive.

However, what I didn’t know was that the story was about something that hounds all us parents in these times – child sexual abuse.

Without giving away too much, let me just say that even as the first subtle hints of this horrific situation started coming to light, the audience gave a collective gasp. And suddenly, it hits you hard on the face, especially because that girl on reel could be anyone's child in reality!


Kahaani 2 once again reiterates the fact that child sexual abuse often comes from the closest stranger imaginable – a family member whose real identity of a child predator is always hidden, unless someday someone speaks up.

In many cases, it is that one person, who you and the child trust the most, who does the most harm. And for children who suffer sexual abuse, in most cases, parents do not believe their own child. It is always construed as a mistaken gesture, as a child’s overly creative imagination, as a story the child spun just like that.

It is hard then, for the child to talk about it, to differentiate between love and lust, to judge between who is a well-wisher and who is an abuser, and to understand who the child can really turn to. It is also difficult for the child to convince the parent that something is not right.

Continue reading on the next page to know how you can help a child who is being sexually abused and what signs to watch out for!

So, kudos to Sujoy Ghosh, Vidya Balan and the entire team for handling this extremely sensitive topic and bringing out this horrific reality that needs to be talked about in more vocal ways. However, we'd advice you to not take your kids along as some scenes can be really disturbing for kids.

It also happens many times that we don't pay heed and stop ourselves from interfering in somebody else's personal matter. “She is not my child, how can I interfere when the parents are there?” or, “How can I talk about this without any proof? What will the parents think? What will people say? What if the child is confused?”

In all such instances, I think the best that I, you and all of us can do is to keep the child’s well-being as top priority. Whether or not you’re sure about the child being sexually abused, try talking to the child the moment you notice anything disturbing or out of routine. Don't forget to talk to the parents about it.

If it is your child, trust him or her about whatever they say. Do not dismiss their fears or complaints as childish talk. Show them you are there, no matter what, and that nothing and no one can cause them any harm. Protect them, they really need us.

Signs of child sexual abuse in kids

If you’re unsure that it’s a case of child sexual abuse, watch out for the following signs:

  • The child will suddenly be very quiet and refuse to speak
  • Fear of strangers
  • Excessive attachment to one single person in the family (often, child sexual abuse works in the opposite way, where the child gets attached to the abuser)
  • Problem in sitting down or walking
  • Sudden nightmares
  • Signs of injury on the body
  • Bloody or stained undergarment
  • Pain while urinating or passing bowels
  • Abdominal pain

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