Why did this mother kill her 3 disabled children?

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According to the new reports that have emerged now, the mother was under extreme social pressure about the condition of her kids

Last year, a 44-year-old mother was reported to smother her three disabled children to death. According to the new reports that have emerged recently, Tania Clarence was overwhelmed by the challenge of taking care of her kids and therefore, she took the extreme step.

The doctors who have examined Clarence since then, blame her family’s “affluent, middle class status” and cultural differences for the failure to provide appropriate care for her kids.

The children suffered from spinal muscular dystrophy because of which they could not walk or feed themselves. Besides, the family did not expect them to survive beyond their early adulthood.

“There has been consideration whether the family’s social status led to a different safeguarding response. There is no evidence that this occurred, but may have contributed to the cautious approach in moving into child protection processes,” a source told The Telegraph.

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Tania Clarence, 44, smothered her three children at her home in New Malden

The father of the children, an investment banker, blamed the medical staff who according to him, put the mother under “constant pressure” over an “appropriate treatment of their three kids”.

According to Gary Clarence, the father, the medical staff even made statements such as ‘they did not understand why the family, who lived in a large, £1.4million property in New Malden, south west London, prioritised quality of life over more invasive medical procedures’.

The mother was sentenced to a hospital order last November and according to sources, she will not be released until she completely recovers from her mental illness.

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