Proven! THIS is the reason why cartoons are affecting your child's behaviour

Proven! THIS is the reason why cartoons are affecting your child's behaviour

A new study about the influence of cartoon's on children's mind and the role parenting style plays brings to the fore some important points.

In today’s times where everything is driven by technology it is getting increasingly difficult to restrict your child’s screen time. Often the pressure of modern parenting too takes its toll and parents consciously let their kids watch cartoons as they have professional duties to attend to.

So, while it may seem extreme to disallow children from watching cartoons online totally it is definitely imperative to monitor what your child may be viewing.

According to child psychologists, children in their impressionable age are unable to sieve through between fact and reality and often get a confused vision of life around them as they are taking a lot of influence from the cartoons they watch.

A recent research too highlights this problem and advises parents not to let their child watch cartoons without any adult supervision.

Role of adult participation

Proven! THIS is the reason why cartoons are affecting your child's behaviour

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A new study conducted by a masters’ student of MS University in Vadodara about the influence of cartoon’s on children’s mind and the role parenting style plays brings to the fore some important points.

Conducted by Ruchika Jain, a student at Department of psychology in the university, the research was conducted amongst a group of 140 caretakers, most of them mothers with children in the age group between six to eleven. The study found that on an average children spend anywhere between two to five hours watching cartoons.

The mainstay of the research remained the role parents play in what the child may be absorbing from what he or she watches online.

Kiransinh Rajput, assistant professor at the Department of Psychology who guided the research was quoted in  Times of India describing the positive and negative effects children may imbibe from cartoons.

He said, “Cartoon teaches both negative and positive behaviour to a child. If the parent neglects and does not play any significant role then the child learns negative behaviour from the cartoons.”

What’s your parenting style

The research also highlighted another important aspect– that of the parenting style. The study identified that there are three types of parenting styles:

  • Neglecting: where parents do not supervise their children
  • Authoritarian: where parents do not let their children watch any cartoons at all and;
  • Responsive: where parents monitor and are attentive to what their children are watching

The research stresses that being responsive is the best way in which you can bring up your children to understand that everything that they see must not be replicated while it also opens the doors for children to consult their parents in case they face any doubts.

Tips on how to be a responsive parent 

Now that the research has established that being responsive to your child’s needs is the best way to teach them positive values, here are few expert-approved tips on being a responsive parent.

  1. Talk to your kids: Understand that being responsive is a holistic approach. It does not simply mean that you keep a tab on your child’s activities but it is important that you let your child share with you their observations and doubts. Begin by talking to them about their day in the school and encourage them to share their life with you.
  2. Be there for them: Being responsive also involves assuring your child that you will be there for them when they need you. Instead of resorting to scolding in case you discover an untoward behaviour, talk to your child on what prompted it. Try to reach to the root cause of the problem.
  3. Be vigilant: Be attentive without being overpowering. You have to keep a gentle watch on your kids without making them feel suffocated. The older the children get, they develop a need for space and by getting too involved you will make them wary. So create a protective atmosphere that they trust.

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