Did Kareena's stepdaughter Sara Ali Khan just prove herself to be a spoilt, rich brat?

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Possible! Especially because of the latest incident that happened at the salon with Sara Ali Khan!

We can all agree that being a star kid comes with its own set of expectations. After all, nepotism can only take you that much further.

And with a bevy of star kids making a beeline for their onscreen debut, more and more media gaze in upon them.

But looks like instead of setting the right precedence for younger generation, some are blatantly using their 'entitled' card. And if reports are to be believed the latest celebrity kid to use that card was none other than Sara Ali Khan.

Yes, you read that right.

A darling of photographers, thanks to her gorgeous looks, Sara reportedly went for a spa session along with her new best friend actor Rhea Chakraborty. However, when it came to payment, the well-off girls couldn't pay the bill immediately!

Sara Ali Khan throws a hissy fit at a salon!

This, led to Sara and Rhea throwing a hissy fit in the famous Bandra-based salon in full public view.

Post their salon session, their cards apparently declined and they couldn't make an immediate payment. This upset them both and they allegedly started abusing and throwing a fit at the salon manager.

This ruckus prompted a customer to get up and ask the girls to bring their volume down since there were kids present at the salon. However, this spurred them even more and the argument led to what appeared to be a fight.

Rushing off from the salon

It is not clear whether the girls paid for their services immediately or later, they did leave the salon after their hissy fit.

While Rhea was photographed wearing a checkered shirt and jeans, Sara was sporting a white salwar-kameez and quickly covered her face with a blue and white dupatta, making a quick exit.

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Family stands by Sara Ali Khan

Although the salon was quick to deny any such altercation, the photographers and onlookers tell a different tale. Either way, one thing is clear no party would accept or reject this information since its 'image damaging.'

And an industry that thrives on youth and image, businesses can run dry with such fodder.

However, the reports that suggest that Sara in fact, threw an entitled hissy fit on the salon reflects poorly on her. Even though most in her family, including stepmum Kareena Kapoor Khan often praise Sara for her calibre.

“I am sure she is going to be supremely talented. She has it in her genes. She is looking amazing and gorgeous and I truly believe that with her beauty and talent she is going to rock the industry," Kareena recently told journalists.

While Sara may be talented and clearly one to stand up for herself, this news report indicates that she also proved herself to be a rich, spoilt kid!

Unfortunately, that is not a 'quality' we would want girls to lead their lives with. As parents it is our responsibility to notice if we are raising entitled kids, and if you see any of the following traits, don't say we didn't warn you!

5 signs you're raising spoilt brats!

  • Pushing the envelope: Only in this case it will be to dangerous levels. Yes, you read that right. A spoilt child would always try to push boundaries and sometimes may not even be aware that they are doing so because nobody has ever stopped them before.
  • Unhealthy friendships: If your child doesn't like making friends with those who don't listen to her/him, sense a problem. Such kids have the most difficult time developing meaningful friendships because they have terms and conditions for everything.
  • Self-centered attitude: If your child doesn't show any signs of empathy or sympathy, it is time to sit down and have a chat about why we need to think about others for a change. A sense of entitlement makes them think only about themselves, which can be quite harmful in the future.
  • Throwing unnecessary tantrums: This may come as a clear sign that your kid is extremely entitled. While tantrums are a natural part of growing up, its regular occurrence is not. It simply means that you are giving in to the tantrums and the child thinks it best to throw it if and when he/she wants anything from you.
  • Knowledge of immediate gratification: When your child is aware that you will immediately bow down to his/her demands whenever and where ever they so desire, they will act entitled. They may even misuse that in the future and sometimes use the 'daddy' card!

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