9 WhatsApp tricks all busy Indian parents must know

9 WhatsApp tricks all busy Indian parents must know

All of us use WhatsApp to stay connected with each other, but this app holds much more importance for parents. Here's how you must optimise it's use.

All mums and dads will agree when I say that parenting is not an easy job. The challenges that come with this great joy are seemingly never-ending. However, the use of technology has certainly made lives easier.

And one application that has been a god-sent for us parents is perhaps the Internet-based messenger service WhatsApp. Let's be honest, most of us use it to communicate with our friends and family and most importantly to stay connected with our children.

However, many of us busy parents still struggle to completely understand how to best use this application.

So Indusparent got in touch with 'WhatsApp' to better understand this app and here are a few simple ‘tips and tricks’ of this platform that every busy parent should know:

  • Pin your important chats: Since most pre-schools and schools have WhatsApp groups nowadays, you may feel overwhelmed by the offload of information. However, much of it is extremely useful and may include your kid's PTA meeting schedule or change of school or bus timings among other things. So in order to declutter and save that information pin such conversations. On your android phone, simply tap and hold a chat, and then tap the pin icon at the top of your screen.
  • Star it for quick access: Received a message on the location of your kid's outstation trip with friends and your hands are too full to note it down? Give it a star, so you can easily access it in the future. Long-press the message, choose the Star in the top menu bar and move on.
  • Stay involved, without distraction: While group chats can help to organise play-dates, carpools among other things, the constant pinging can be distracting. Busy parents can temporarily mute conversations without having to leave a group. Just go to Group Info and mute the group for any duration – 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year – as per your convenience.
  • Use new camera features to express yourself: After clicking a picture or shooting a video on your WhatsApp, you can write or draw on them, or add emoticons to express yourself. So next time you want to click your daughter’s picture who is dressed as an angel for her school function – click on WhatsApp and share it on your family WhatsApp group.


  • Tap to Speak: WhatsApp allows you to get your message typed automatically while you dictate long messages to WhatsApp - All you need to do is press the ‘mic’ button in your keypad and speak. So when your hands are occupied managing the chaos at home or work, let the ‘mic’ transcribe the message for you.
  • Video call for personalised chat: When one arm is occupied with a toddler and typing out a message isn’t an option, a face-to-face video call can be the answer. Tap on the video calling button and have personalized discussion with your friend without having your child left unnoticed. You can also multi-task during a video call to read your chats and even try the video call in full-screen landscape mode.
  • Multicast the birthday invite: Forward your child’s birthday card e-invite to multiple people at once. Simply tap on what you want to forward and then select one or more people or groups you want to send it to. This way you can save your travel time and paper.
  • Up your fun ‘Status’ game: Having a big birthday surprise planned for your kid and want to share that priceless expression with your relatives and friends settled in a different cities? With WhatsApp ‘Status’ share special moments throughout their day. These feature posts expires after 24 hours.
  • Make plans to meet up: Want to let your family or friends know where you are to easily meet up? Tap on the share icon and then send a map of your location or search for a place nearby.

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