Attention dads-to-be: Here's what you should expect, if your wife is expecting

Attention dads-to-be: Here's what you should expect, if your wife is expecting

When your wife is pregnant, she will undergo many physical and psychological changes. Here’s a lowdown on what you can expect in the coming months

For the past few days, pictures of Riteish Deshmukh picking up his adorably pregnant wife Genelia from the airport have been doing the rounds. Their picture-perfect frame only goes to show how cute husbands look when they take care of their expecting wives.

So does this come easily to husbands? Do they naturally fit into the role of being first-time dads? The answer is NO!

Just as a woman’s mind and body adjust to a new person inside their belly, husbands take their time to know exactly how to deal with their wives’ pregnancy. So if you are one of these husbands, here’s a lowdown on what you can expect in the next nine months and perhaps even in the future:

#1 You have to feed her constantly

When you hear things like ‘She is eating for two,’ don’t take it lightly, because she really is. Food is a very important part of pregnancy and when your wife is hungry, make sure you feed her well and keep her happy in the gastronomical department.

Cheat sheet: Just turn yourself into a walking, talking food vending machine for nine months!

#2 You will see her gain a lot of weight

Did you notice how this second point is also about food? Know that she will ultimately have many cravings. While some will be as common as pickles and chocolates, others would be as weird as chilly with ice creams! Whatever the case, she may go through an unprecedented weight gain.

Cheat sheet: Just let her enjoy her cravings.

#3 'Pregnancy brain' is a real thing

It may sound like some media-generated cutesy term, but it's not. It is legit and you will experience it soon enough. It can begin with everyday occurrences like losing her glasses, while they are on her head or forgetting to switch off the bathroom light. You may have to face some emotional showdowns.

Cheat sheet: Take it with a pinch of salt or sugar, your choice!

#4 Stop joking about the pregnancy

The good news is that she has also gained a little baby. The bad news is that this gain doesn't come with a sense of humour. There is space for only one. So if you are a wise-crack, abstain from making jokes about her belly or how the baby kicks funny or how you wish for the baby to NOT look like your mother-in-law. Your comic zinger's are not going to be taken lightly.

Cheat sheet: Avoid being a wisecrack.

#5 Hold your horses for a few months

Yes, we are talking about sex. You may become a little sexually frustrated and the first trimester could be the worst. This is when she will be going through the most physical and psychological changes. She will experience morning sickness, nausea, backache and even swollen feet and many other painful side-effects of pregnancy. The silver lining is that she will want to do it eventually sometime during this pregnancy.

Cheat sheet: Let her take the lead and enjoy the ride.

Continue reading to know what you should expect, if your wife is expecting.

#6 Your manhood will not hurt the baby

Speaking about sex, let's get something off the counter here- your manhood cannot hurt the baby. It can't scare the baby or poke him inside the womb. So don't worry. Your baby is safe in the amniotic-sac. But if at all you have some misgivings, you can go easy when it comes to having sex during pregnancy. Rest assured, a conversation that involves your penis and hysterical laughter can be nothing but demoralising.

Cheat sheet: Don't worry too much.

#7 Her breasts are getting bigger, but don't touch them

While we are still on the topic, let me share a cruel joke. That 'pregnancy glow' you hear about is true because she has all those extra nutrients and blood that flushes her cheeks a beautiful pink, gives her beautiful nails and a great rack! A could become C, C could become D. But you shouldn't treat them like they are waiting to be touched. They are not!

Cheat sheet: Again, let her take the lead.

#8 She will become lazy and tired

Let's be honest, your wife is carrying a life inside her and it is taking up all her energy and effort. She has got to be tired. Give her some credit and stop whining about that one cup she left over the counter- a feet from the sink! Help her around the house if you feel it's a bit unkempt. It's the least she expects from you.

Cheat sheet: Help around as much as possible and try to understand what she is going through.

#9 She'll want that massage again

And you thought she'd never ask. Since this new adventure in her life is making her lazy and tired, she'll expect you to give her that occasional and sometimes regular massage. Give her nice back rub or gently press her feet. She'll feel super relaxed and you won't have to face her hormones, at least after that nice massage you won't.

Cheat sheet: Give her that massage, preferably on your own.

#10 Did we forget to mention the hormones?

Aah! Yes, the dreaded hormones. Her hormones will be all over the place. Nothing for you to complaint about, she's the one going through morning sickness and nausea. But you'll have to learn to deal with it. You might have to hear from her about things you don't know anything off, because...

Cheat sheet: N/A

These are just small things you should be ready for. We're sure you'll miss this phase once your baby's with you. So enjoy and take it each day as it comes.

(Image courtesy: DainikBhaskar, IBNLive)

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