The weird pregnancy facts: 9 most quiver-inducing pregnancy terms!

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If you are pregnant, prepare yourself for what lies ahead with these weird pregnancy facts. If you don't cringe at the terms, I'd say you are REALLY brave

When my pregnancy was confirmed, the first thing I did was go on the Internet and look for things I must worry about or be wary of. And lo and behold, I had a long list of instances, experiences, weird pregnancy facts and jargons to make me cringe all the way to the Artic and back. Yes, it was quite a spine-chilling experience.

Here I bring to you a list of nine cringe-worthy, puke-inducing, eyebrow-knitting weird pregnancy facts that will get your insides in a messy knot. And it will just get worse when you figure out what these weird pregnancy facts stand for. So brace yourselves, grab a fat cushion, cross your legs (you’ll know why) and try not to bite your lips too hard as you subject yourself to this virtual tour of horror of these weird pregnancy facts!

Starting with this list of weird pregnancy facts!

Lightening crotch

I hope you’ve never been punched in your crotch, but if you have, then you know what’s coming here. So lightening crotch is that sudden and usually sharp pain deep in the pelvis or vaginal area. While the intensity varies, most women find it quite painful, apart from feeling awkward. The reasons could range from cervical dilation, baby stretching or changing positions and nerve pain.

Mucus Plug

The mucus plug is a semi-clear, phlegm like substance that accumulates at the cervix during pregnancy. When the cervix begins to dilate, the mucus is discharged into the vagina and may be clear, pink, or slightly bloody (for your sake, I hope you aren’t as high on visualising things as I am). Labour may begin soon after the mucus plug is discharged or one to two weeks later.

Worry not if you see it after the 38th or 39th week. And absolutely don’t worry if you do not see it. It’s different for every woman and if it sounds horrifying, have a word with your gynaecologist. It just hints that your body is getting ready and doesn’t necessarily signify imminent labour.

Stripping your Membranes

Erm… you’ll wish you hadn’t read this one now. So stripping membranes, sometimes called membrane sweeping, is a technique used to try and start labour. The doctor puts her finger into the cervix to gently separate the bag of water from the side of the uterus. Shudder? Yeah, that’s exactly how I reacted.

For some bizarre reason, it is supposed to be one of the more 'natural' means of encouraging your baby to arrive if you have reached full-term but not displaying any signs of labour. Physical intrusion at this point sounds a tad bit uncomfortable, doesn’t it? What? I’m playing it down? Well, with my toes all curled up, THIS is the way to deliver unnerving news, I say.

Water Breaking

Why do things have to ‘break’ and ‘stripped’, you’ll wonder. As if pregnancy and the consequent delivery wasn’t intimidating enough! So what is water breaking? It is in fact the rupture of the amniotic sac, in which your baby is safely cushioned. The rupture only signifies that the baby is ready to come, irrespective of whether you are ready or not. To be fair, nine months is a long time to prepare, isn’t it?

The good thing about this ‘breaking’ is that you may not feel it at all, in terms of pain. Of course, you’ll feel it in terms of the sudden dampness of your underpants. And no, don’t even worry about embarrassing yourself. It’s not like a ‘water’ fall, and neither does it ‘break’ with a sound.

Bloody Show

Oh the bloody show! I’m done with my share of pregnancy and delivery. I have all of ONE child and the baby-making machine in me has shut shop. Thank you very much. But still, to date, I wince at the mention of the ‘bloody show’. So this is another level of gross and its less-than-lovely self usually appears at the very end of labour.

It is a stringy mucous discharge that's slightly pink or brown with blood which signifies that your cervix is opening up—a definite signal that you're well on your way toward labour and delivery.


This is perhaps the only phrase from the list of ‘scary pregnancy terms’ that won’t worsen your nausea. So crowning is when the baby's head starts to emerge from the birth canal. Once you're fully dilated, you have to push a little to get the baby's head so it can come out. As it comes forward each time you push, it sort of sneaks back when you're not pushing. Crowning is the moment it stays there.

This is also the point when the vagina is stretched as far as it possibly can. And soon follows another not-so-lovely pregnancy term.

Ring of Fire

It doesn’t sound like poetry to the ears? It doesn’t feel like it either. So this one is pretty much what it sounds like—a burning sensation in the vagina when you are stretched to your widest right before delivery.

The only good thing about this ring of fire is that it just means you are that much more closer to holding your baby in your arms. Can we focus at the silver lining please?

Vaginal Tearing

Hold on, don’t faint just yet after hearing this weirdest of weird pregnancy facts!! So vaginal tear, also called perineal tear, is a spontaneous laceration of the skin and other soft tissue structures which separate the vagina from the anus. It's hard to estimate how many mums actually tear, but it's quite likely, and more so for first-time mums.

And here comes the end of this list, the last fact of these weird pregnancy facts is here for you:


Umm… if your vagina won’t tear on it’s own making the passage easier for the baby, the doctors will do the needful. The procedure of episiotomy, also known as perineotomy, is a surgical incision of the perineum and the posterior vaginal wall done by the doctor to quickly enlarge the opening for the baby to pass through. Again, the reasons could vary right from the baby’s head being too big to the perineum not having enough time to stretch slowly.

To be honest, I tried to sugar coat it as much as possible, only to revisit and give you the real, raw deal. If you were brave and crazy (and medically fit) enough to opt for vaginal birth like yours truly, then you are definitely brave enough to prepare yourself with the eventualities of the actual deal. Three cheers to our ilk!

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Divya Nair

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