Your Weekly Tarotscope: October 22nd to 28th

Your Weekly Tarotscope: October 22nd to 28th

Weekly guidance for you through Tarot and based on the Zodiac.

Tarot speaks to us in a language of pictures and symbols. The imagery reveals energies that are or will be influencing your life. Take a look at what is the Tarotscope suggesting for you this week:


Celebrating birthday this week?


The grass is always greener on the other side, and that’s what you may experience in this week. You may feel that what you have is not good enough and you need something else that others have got or you deserve more than what you have. Keep a check on this feeling that may lead you to reject important and valuable things that may be offered to you.

Two important planetary movements in this week support this guidance. On 23rd October 2017, the Sun will leave Libra and move into the next sign of the Zodiac, the mysterious Scorpio. Experts suggest that this makes one expect more from others. Mars in Libra, from 22nd October 2017 is set to throw up doubt and uncertainty that may lead to indecisiveness.

So, Dear Libra and Scorpio, all I would suggest to you this Birthday Week is, count your blessings and value what you have when it is there rather than allowing insecurity to thrive.

Aries: Nurturing your spiritual self!

Your Weekly Tarotscope: October 22nd to 28th

This week, it would be worthwhile to spend time in decoding the spiritual mysteries. A source of vast knowledge is available to you and it is advised that you make most of it. Drink as much as you like from this fountain of wisdom and nourish your spirit. The challenge, however, is a difficulty to believe in the matters of spirituality.


Taurus: A place in the sun!

Your Weekly Tarotscope: October 22nd to 28th

You may be in for a wonderful phase of feeling happy and bright. You may also experience clarity of thought leading to concrete actions. Even certain situations, earlier shrouded in dubiousness, may suddenly become crystal clear to you. When the sun shines, everything around is lucid and unambiguous. It leaves no scope for doubt or confusion, and this, is what you totally love, Dear Taurus. So make most of this phase by taking important decisions.


Gemini: Change is the only Constant!

Your Weekly Tarotscope: October 22nd to 28th

A major change is in store this week. However, seems like you are finding it difficult to let go of the old. It would be of great help to you, Dear Gemini, to remember that the only thing constant is change. It is through the death of what serves you no more that a new life takes birth. So release the unrequired and redundant to welcome the beginning of something new in your life.


Cancer: A message is on its way!

Your Weekly Tarotscope: October 22nd to 28th

You may receive a certain impending news or message that you have been waiting for. Receiving everything that comes your way, including the news or messages, with optimism and positivity is advised.


Leo: Move!

Your Weekly Tarotscope: October 22nd to 28th

Finally, it is time to move away from certain emotionally demanding situations, whether you have learned the lessons they brought with them or no. However, be advised that if the learning is not complete, eventually you will have to face these lessons again.

Virgo: Cloud on the horizon!

Your Weekly Tarotscope: October 22nd to 28th

You may feel like you are trapped from all sides and there’s no light even at the end of the tunnel. The best thing to do in such situation is, to not do anything at all, allowing the phase to pass. Pull yourself together and stand strong in a time of possible adversity.


Libra: As above, so below. As within, so without!

Your Weekly Tarotscope: October 22nd to 28th

You are under the influence of one of the most balanced zodiac signs, Dear Libra, and this week, that’s what you may be reminded of. Whatever you believe from within, you reflect in the outer world. You have everything you require to create the reality you want. It depends upon you, how you use these elements and what you create for yourself. If you are able to achieve balance within, it will definitely shine through your worldly creations, that is the situations that you attract in your life.


Scorpio: A need to think out of the box!

Your Weekly Tarotscope: October 22nd to 28th

A certain situation may demand you to think differently, a change or shift your perspective or considering unconventional methods to deal with it. A fixedness that is inherent to your zodiac sign, Dear Scorpio, seems to be making this a tough task. Have patience and contemplate upon the circumstances at hand with a fresh outlook towards life. You may find the much-needed success in cracking this code.


Sagittarius: Let go!

Your Weekly Tarotscope: October 22nd to 28th

You may be resisting a new phase that’s coming up in your life. Accepting a change is the key to letting go of the old things. Decluttering your space may help you remove the energies that are not required anymore but you are so dearly holding on to. You may need to be a bit ruthless about this and remove whatever is of no use to you anymore.


Capricorn: Pinching pennies?

Your Weekly Tarotscope: October 22nd to 28th

This week, you may feel like spending extra-cautiously. However, be sure about not sending out a signal of pettiness or miserliness. Just as being spendthrift may not be a good idea, being stingy about important expenses may not be great either. Try to strike a golden mean.


Aquarius: Finding the balance between money and relationships!

Your Weekly Tarotscope: October 22nd to 28th

Two seemingly opposite, yet closely related things like money and relationships may be the theme for your week this time. Both have the capacity to make you happy in different ways and be advised that it is important to understand the worth of both. This week, you may feel like you are oscillating between money on one end while your relationships on the other. Best would be to stay centered and not run after either. You may rather utilize this time on focusing upon self-growth.


Pisces: A period of waiting!

Your Weekly Tarotscope: October 22nd to 28th

A wait for something crucial may seem never-ending to you this week. You may feel like questioning everything positive that happens because of your situation. However, have faith in your support system that is absolutely in place.

Written by

Prutha Soman

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