Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 19th to 25th

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 19th to 25th

Weekly Tarotscope is guidance for you through Tarot and based on the Zodiac.

The New Moon energies continue to impact our lives in the beginning of this week. Take a look at what guidance Tarot Cards are bringing your way through our Zodiac-based Tarotscope:


Celebrating birthday this week?


Your Birthday Week brings a rather optimistic and happy energy. You may meet someone or find something that could be of great help to you. In case you await a message or a news, you may receive it in this week and that is sure to make you happy. The energy this week is an active one and also indicates lots of accomplishments. You may even travel.


On the work life front, you may suddenly find the kind of job you’ve been wanting. For those who are already employed, you may get too busy, albeit for good. Your relationship with your partner may become lot more cheerful as well as intense, at the same time. It may bring in immense satisfaction too. For those who are still single, be ready to get swept off your feet. You may find love in places you would least expect. However, it would be advisable to keep in mind that you need to keep your doors open for this. Step out and take on the world.


Finance seems to be bright at the moment. Whether it is unexpected receiving or investment returns, you may be doing good on this front. You may need to keep a check on your spending though. Remember to share what you have with others. Sharing only increases. As far as health is concerned, you may need to slow down a bit. After all, that kind of active energy also needs to be properly harnessed. You may benefit by focusing on your own healing energy and power at the moment. With this kind of exuberance, silence and space may be crucial this week. Take enough breaks to stay within yourself.


Aries: Happy times

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 19th to 25th

Close your eyes and make a wish because your deepest desires may come true this week. All thanks to an uplifting and pleasant energy of the week. You may feel more hopeful, dreamy, wishful, but in a nice way. Enjoy these feelings as these hopes, dreams, wishes may be fulfilled, and that too quite soon. Happiness and contentment may be the general theme for you this week.


Your work projects that were stalled may pick pace this week. In case you are looking for work, you may lap a job that you’ve been waiting for. In short, this may turn out to be a week of success at work on all levels. While this may happen for you professionally, even personally you may be in the best position possible. Your relationship may become deeper, better and sweeter. For singles, getting out there and mixing with people may increase your chances of finding the right life partner. However, it is advised that you engage in social activities for fun, rather than having any fixed agenda in mind. Allow nature to take its course while you take the necessary action.


Whatever you are desiring to achieve on financial front, you may almost get, if not all. The serene and peaceful energies of this week may make you feel emotionally and mentally stable and better. You are advised to stay positive. Trusting yourself, dreaming big and then taking necessary steps to make it true, may help you get where you intend to reach.


Taurus: Focus on the feminine within you

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 19th to 25th

At the moment, you may be emphasizing a lot on your masculine side. However, it is advised that you turn to your nurturing and nourishing feminine aspect to resolve any type of problems. The mysterious and subtle feminine forces may guide you to steer clear of pretty much anything that you are facing this week. You may need to keep a check on feeling unattractive to others.


Although you may not be aware of this, be assured that your work is appreciated. You may be trusted at workplace. As far as your relationship is concerned, be advised to follow your gut feeling or intuition. Singles may realize that suddenly the have many prospective partners. In any case, follow your heart. There may be a need to work on your prosperity consciousness this week. Your thoughts, ideas, belief systems, patterns are what shape your financial situation. Look deeper into these this week. It may help you get a better understanding of why you are creating what you are. The Universe is an abundance and if that’s not how you feel, you may need to check what is blocking your receiving and where.


Tune in to your subconscious to receive messages about your health. Paying attention to signs coming your way, may be the key to important information. At this time, interacting with women in your life, looking for inspiration from women leaders, reading about or works by female authors, may offer you a deeper understanding of how to tap into your feminine side.


Gemini: Partnership and balance

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 19th to 25th

In this week, you may make new one on one partnerships. If you are already in such type of personal or professional partnerships, they may be going well for you during this time. However, there may be scope for improvement. Be advised that you may have to think about how balanced these partnerships in your life are. You may also want to check how deep your commitment is and whether both parties are receiving equal treatment. If you feel there’s an imbalance, this is the time to bring it back. Being open and communicative about this may be of great help.


As far as your professional life is concerned, there may be some stuckness. You may have to rely and depend on others for important decisions and that may make you feel impatient. However, be advised that pushing people before they are ready may not work in your favour. Have patience. At this time, it is of utmost importance that you have completed your part of the assignment because you may be held accountable. For some reason if you have not been up to the mark, be ready for providing explanations as you may be questioned about it. In any case, there’s no need to panic.


Your love life may just become lighter, easier and balanced. You may treat each other as equals. When looking for a partner, ensure that you have dealt with any emotional blocks. Finding happiness outside you is a myth. First of all, build a strong relationship with your own self as it may help you in having a balanced romantic relationship with your partner. Financially, this may be a tough week and may require caution. Ensure that you are aware of your financial situation to the last penny. In case you need more than what you have, try to resolve the crisis in a creative way. Keeping your accounts in balance is advised. Pay close attention to your emotional health. You may rely on positive thinking and bringing a balance in your behaviour to overcome any troubles.


Cancer: What is the right thing?

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 19th to 25th

This week, the focus may be on doing the right thing. However, you may experience some amount of confusion around what is right and wrong. It is advised that you dig deeper to understand the situation as much as possible, before doing anything. There may be situations when those around you are unsure about the way you think or decide what is right.


You may receive lots of great advice at work this week. However, be sure about what you agree to. It is advisable that you use your own intelligence before blindly following any suggestions. In romance and relationships you may have an urge to break the routine and monotony that may have set in. Tread carefully as it may lead to you losing your present alliances. Financially, it is advisable that you stick to traditional methods. Do not indulge in any type of gambling. Even a simple bet may be heavy on your pocket. You may invest the money in conventional ways in this period.


Watch out for rigidity in your lifestyle as it may pose some health problems. This may prove to be a good period to engage in building positive habits. You may also go in for parallel healing methods for any long pending, chronic ailments that you may have. Meditation may help you find a balance and peace of mind.


Leo: Happiness in the air!

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 19th to 25th

In this week, you may experience great happiness on all levels. You may get some good family time. At work, you may have attained an almost indispensable position. However, it is advised that you always remember that everyone can be replaced, including you. So keep doing the good work without getting carried away.

Your romantic relationships may be extremely fulfilling at this time. Financially, this may turn out to be a prosperous period.

Even health-wise, you seem to be doing quite well. Whether it is mental, emotional or physical health, you may be at ease with yourself. However, it is advised that you continue with any health routines that you may have set for yourself.

The sun is shining brightly on you at the moment and you may be radiating highly positive energy. In short, this may be a wonderful week as far as family and relationships are concerned.


Virgo: Cheers to new beginnings

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 19th to 25th

This may be an extremely positive period for the feelings of love, happiness, and affection. There may be new beginnings, in relationships, as well as many other areas of life. This may also prove to be a great time for socializing and making new friends. You may also revive old friendships in a new way.


At work, you may be in for a promotion or may land a new job. If already employed, you may be glad to know that both you and your work is well appreciated. If looking for work, you may have many opportunities. In your love life, relationships may become deeper and you may be able to take them on a new level altogether. Even financially, this time is definitely a good news. You may see improvement in your health. There may be emotional stability.


Even on a metaphysical level, you may feel that you are well supported by the Universe. Make most of this wonderful energy.


Libra: Change is coming up

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 19th to 25th

You may be in for a major change in your life. Take a deeper look at where you are headed and why. It is important to have a purpose as well as direction when you are moving, whether physically or metaphysically.


Professionally you may be going too far, too fast at this time. Slow down and try to match your pace with those around you. Being enthusiastic is great, however, it’s equally important to move along with everyone else.


In the matters of heart, you may either want to rush things in a relationship or get out of one hastily. Avoid both the impulses. It is advisable to wait for a while before you make any decision. Even in financial and health-related matters, you may be feeling over enthusiastic to take action. Hold your horses and give proper thought to your decisions before you act on them.


Scorpio: Strike a balance between head and heart

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 19th to 25th

You may be giving extra importance to how you feel as opposed to what logic suggests. It is important to maintain a balance between both. It may become difficult for you to maintain focus and concentration, that may be crucial at this stage.


An older man may be on the scene. Identify what useful thoughts, ideas and other things does he have to offer instead of directly discarding him. At the same time, it is advisable to ignore what is not useful to you. There may be difficulty in carrying out organized and structured work. However, if that’s what your work demands at the moment, ensure that you are doing it to your best ability. Also, take occasional breaks to cope with this. In case you are a person with love for structure, you may likely see the not so organized side of your partner this week. Try to work things out and compromise wherever necessary. Otherwise it may be difficult for the relationship to thrive.


As far as your finances are concerned, seek external help to manage money matters. You may need to find a person with good logic, methodical approach in dealing with taxes and cash flow. Taking an haphazard approach to money is definitely not advised. Same goes for health too. There may be a spiritual advisor close to you. However, blindly following any advice may not help. Listening to your own thoughts and intuition may be of utmost importance at this time.


Sagittarius: Celebrations and parties

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 19th to 25th

You may end up meeting old friends or people who you have lost touch with. You may experience an upbeat and happy energy this week. There may also be celebrations and parties that you are either hosting or are invited to.


Even at work you may find a pleasant atmosphere. You may also see success in most of the work you carry out at this time. As far as relationships are concerned, you may find someone as your social life picks up pace.Money may be coming in, but also going out at the same time. It is advised that you don’t attach to it or act stingy. Believe that your needs will be met. All you need to do is play your part. Health-wise this may be a period of reflecting upon what is required to stay healthy.


Capricorn: Exercise caution

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 19th to 25th

This week, be warned against not so ethical intentions of both, you as well as other people around you. In case you have a doubt about someone spying on you, do verify as you may be right. At the same time, if you feel like spying on someone, it’s best to resist the impulse.


Ensure that you have covered your tail in all situations as there may be cheating involved. Also make sure that you are doing the right thing at all times to avoid being caught in a soup. At work, you may be under the microscope. So put your best foot forward on all occasions. Avoid office politics. In relationships, trust is of utmost importance. Discuss about any doubts and suspicions instead of being passively aggressive. Avoid pretending uninterested in prospective suitors as they may just move on to someone else.


Financially, avoid gambling or even lending money to anyone. Sacrificing your integrity for easy money is not advised during this time. In matters of health, take a second or even a third opinion. Stay open to any parallel healing techniques.


Aquarius: Financial success

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 19th to 25th

The energy this week indicates that you may need to follow established way of doing things. Authority, tradition and success in money matters is the theme for this week. You may need to well supervise your life, energies and available resources.


A judgmental, older man may be part of your workplace. He may scrutinize you constantly however, it is likely that he becomes a supporter. In relationships, someone may sweep you off your feet. It is advised that you put your best foot forward however, not pretend someone that you are not. Honesty is crucial in relationships during this period. Financially, this may be a period of upswing. It is advised that you take calculated risks. Removing negative feelings may help you return to better health. It is advised that you take out some time to nourish your soul.


Pisces: Take pleasure in the little things

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 19th to 25th

We are continuously surrounded by simple and small things that can bring great joys to our lives. This week remember to find happiness in whatever comes your way, big or small. If you feel an urge to focus on things related to your home, flow with it, as it may bring a sense of peace and calm.



Written by

Prutha Soman

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