Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 12th to 18th

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 12th to 18th

Weekly Tarotscope is guidance for you through Tarot and based on the Zodiac.

The week ends with a new moon on 18th November. A new moon signifies ending of a cycle that leads to the beginning of something new. Completions, endings, climaxes or anything that leads to a closure, is the general theme of this week. For a deeper insight into what it offers to you, here’s our Weekly Tarotscope:

Celebrating birthday this week?

If you have your birthday in this week, you may want to take out some time to connect with your own self. Make time for activities like meditation or some hobby that revives your bond with yourself. This is a time to focus on the feminine energy inside you and channelize it to nurture and nourish your soul.

Your efforts at work may be well-appreciated by your colleagues. Even if you may not see any proof of it, be rest assured that they find you trustworthy. In the matters of heart, follow your intuition. If you feel there’s room for doubt, pay attention to that little voice in your head.

As far as finance is concerned, remember that this is a Universe of abundance. Banish any feelings of uncertainty about money and trust that your needs will be taken care of. Listen to your body’s messages to get an insight into your health status.

Look at the feminine energy within you that symbolizes nurturing and nourishment,  for any guidance to sail through situations that demand attention in this week.


Aries: Take a break

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 12th to 18th

You may soon receive a message or news that you have been awaiting. You may feel that too many things demand your attention at this time. It is advisable to prioritize as you may lose focus. This is a good time to take a break from office and the routine if you feel you are swamped with work.

If you are a single, you may meet someone who will charm you. For those in a relationship, it can become overwhelming to meet your partner’s needs. Be advised that being open about your feelings will be of great help. As opposed to this, also be understanding enough towards your partner and know when to stop.

Throw your financial worries and health concerns out of the window! Be assured that your needs will be taken care of. There’s a possibility of making hasty assumptions about your health or jumping to conclusions based on half information. Such negative thinking is best avoided as it does no good to anyone.

Although you may feel overwhelmed by everything going on in your life, make time for simple spiritual exercises like deep breathing, meditation and so on. Remember that even a five minute break when you are tired, can rejuvenate you beyond imagination.


Taurus: Expect delays

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 12th to 18th

There’s a high probability that at this time, you may meet a trustworthy person who might play an important role in your life. Be assured that you can rely on this person. In case you are awaiting some important news or message, have lots of patience as there could be a delay in that.

Since delay is the theme that’s playing out for you this week, same may be seen at your workplace as well. You may even face distractions. If you await a reply about a job interview, it is likely that you may have to wait a while before hearing from them. Be advised that worrying about it won’t be any good.

As far as relationships are concerned, there could be arguments and discussions may quickly turn into debates. If you find a prospective life partner, it is advisable to take things ahead slowly rather than getting into it headlong. Look deeper at money matters in your life. Are you really as unattached to materialistic things as you think?

Consult your doctor before taking up a new health routine, be it diet, exercise or supplements. You may give in to an urge of withdrawing from any spiritual practices that you’ve been following for long and suddenly switch to something new. As long as you are able to cope with this change, it might not bring in any major challenges.


Gemini: A phase of being at sixes and sevens

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 12th to 18th

You may feel overwhelmed, confused and disorganized with the number of tasks that you may have to accomplish this week. Moreover, you may also need to make various choices. It is advised that you focus on a few things from whatever is there on your plate. Attend to things one at a time and move ahead.

For those in a creative field, this week may bring along considerable success. However, if your work demands precision or is business-like, stay as grounded as possible. Having your head in the clouds is not at all advisable. Be cautious about who you are trusting.

You may find that there are many prospective life partners around you at the moment and you may feel confused about making a decision. Best thing to do is either delay the decision or understand what you want from your relationship. Once you know what you need, you can make a choice more easily.

Consult experts and professionals as far as financial investments and health is concerned. Lots of physical exercise may help you stay grounded.


Cancer: Play by the rules

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 12th to 18th

While you strive to do the right thing this week, make sure that it is also right for you. You may feel an urge to follow the rules and to stay within the system. Be advised that this approach may be of great help to you at the moment.

You are likely to meet a mentor figure at work. As long as you are willing to stay within the acceptable boundaries, your professional life this week may flow smoothly. You may also engage in some group activities or work to expand your horizon.

If you are single and looking for a right partner, taking the traditional route may get you success. So, if you have identified someone, do share your views with your family elders. They may even help you get hitched. For those already in a relationship, follow the conventional way to woo your partner.

Taking financial risks is not advised this week. You may choose more conventional methods to invest your money now. Following a disciplined lifestyle may help you overcome health issues, if any.  


Leo: Think before you act

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 12th to 18th

Although it may be of utmost importance to pay attention to how you are feeling about situations you are in or people in your life, think before you give someone a piece of your mind. You may feel an urge to speak your heart out. However, hold your tongue and pick your battles. You may need to keep your possessive feelings in check. Conflicts may arise in various areas and the best way to deal with this situation is to allow things to cool down. Avoid giving much importance to arguments or debates.

At your workplace, there may be certain amount of unfair play. However, you need to ensure that you are at your best behavior. This is not a great time to make mistakes as these can be used against you. At the same time, you may be expecting that others around you must change. It is advised that you overcome any such thoughts and focus on putting in the necessary effort from your end.

In the matters of heart, it is important to understand what are the deal-breakers and work on these. Any conflict may be resolved with staying calm and addressing the problem. As far as finance is concerned, ask for help if required. Making this a prestige issue may not be advisable. Rest and relaxation may be crucial to your health in this week. Avoid unnecessary stress. Give yourself time and space.


Virgo: Overcome hesitation

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 12th to 18th

Indecision and anxiety are two things that you may need to work on, in this week. Take a deeper look at situations at hand to decide best possible action. In case you have problems at work, take help from someone who has been in a similar situation as yours. Thinking out-of-the-box is advised to resolve any problems at work or even if you are looking for work.

If you are single and looking to hook up with someone, stop day dreaming about it and take some real action. Stepping out and meeting people may be of help. For those who are already in a relationship, watch out for indecision. Either you or your partner are not willing to take the next step forward or it could be that it is just not the right time. Don’t push too hard.

There might be confusion when it comes to financial matters. The money promised to you may not come through. There may be a need to understand the mind-body connection to get a deeper insight into your health status.


Libra: Keep moving

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 12th to 18th

You may have recently gone through a rough phase but better times are ahead. Keep moving so that you may completely get out of the tough times. Remember that getting stuck in the past will not be of any help. If you have had any control issues related to your work, you may begin to realize that you have control only on yourself.

Even in case of your relationships, you may soon realize that there’s no need to go out of your way for unsuitable partners. You have the right to be happy and you will find it soon. Having said that, it is also important to value what you have and count your blessings. This may be perfectly applicable to money matters in this week.

There’s no point in crying over spilled milk, so, it may be best for you to look ahead. Keeping a positive attitude may be of help on all levels. You may feel like you are ready for a fresh start. It is advised that take action about it and don’t push it any further.


Scorpio: Mind over heart

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 12th to 18th

At times, you need to think logically rather than emotionally. You may have to make some tough decisions this week. It is advisable that you keep your concentration and focus in place. The energies of this week may make it easier for you to stay focused.

You may meet someone older than you who could help you understand the importance of rules. There may also be important lessons to learn about how structure and logic can be above emotions and lesser desires at times.

At work, your efforts may be noticed by the right people. It is advised that you give enough importance to being organized and logical in your tasks. For those looking for work, continuous and logical efforts may help you find the right job. You may feel attracted to someone who is organized and logical in his or her life. Discipline may be the key right now to correct financial decisions and good health.


Sagittarius: Change is eternal

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 12th to 18th

You may be in for a major change in your life. Take a deeper look at where you are headed and why. It is important to have a purpose as well as direction when you are moving, whether physically or metaphysically.

Professionally you may be going too far, too fast at this time. Slow down and try to match your pace with those around you. Being enthusiastic is great, however, it’s equally important to move along with everyone else.

In the matters of heart, you may either want to rush things in a relationship or get out of one hastily. Avoid both the impulses. It is advisable to wait for a while before you make any decision. Even in financial and health-related matters, you may be feeling over enthusiastic to take action. Hold your horses and give proper thought to your decisions before you act on them.


Capricorn: Time of prosperity

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 12th to 18th

This week you may see your financial position improving. You may be heading into a positive phase in your life. It is advised that you share with others, what you have and display generosity. This need not necessarily be financial. At the same time, be open to receiving as well.

Work scenes may be looking good this week. A good time to look for a new, better-paying job. In case you are looking for financial help, you may be likely to receive it. Whether love, money or health, you may be able to find a golden mean between the giving and receiving in life. Situations may get better for you in all areas.


Aquarius: Maintain your balance

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 12th to 18th

Balance is the key this week. Whether it is the mundane or something unusual that you are engaging in, you may need to have stability. You may also expect getting into partnerships on professional or personal level. As far as relationships are concerned, staying mindful of the required give and take may be of utmost importance.

On the work front, you may be more balanced than you think you are. Your relationship with your partner may become stable this week. In case you are planning to get into a relationship, take a closer look at those already in your life. There’s high probability that a prospective partner is known to you. You may get to know that someone is interested in you. Do give them a chance as this might turn out to be a perfect relationship for you.

Make it a point to ask for what you deserve. You may be pleasantly surprised as people may be fair to you and you can actually get what you ask. The financial situation may improve drastically as you manage to strike a balance between earning and expenses.

Remember that when it comes to partnerships, you also have a relation with your own self. This week make time for yourself and try to strengthen this bond.


Pisces: Pause, and breathe

Your Weekly Tarotscope: November 12th to 18th

You may be trying to juggle too much at this time. It is advised that you take a break, even if it is a short one. In case you’re feeling that it’s too much to handle, do attend to such feelings and thoughts. Don’t think twice before asking for help.

Even your work may be quite demanding at the moment so make sure that you are not committing to more than you can handle. In case you are looking for work, then focus is of importance. Rather than randomly applying to many companies, understand what works for you best.

You may want to let your loved one know that you care for them as this juggling takes away all your focus. If single and willing to commit, make sure to free some time for a relationship. If you are immersing yourself in work or other responsibilities, you may not have time for a partner. Keep the balance between both.

You may be displaying a ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ approach with your finances this week. It is advised that you find a golden mean between your incoming and outgoing. The solution to all your issues this week may be in finding time for yourself and taking a break.

Written by

Prutha Soman

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