30 Foods You Can Serve Your Tot Through The Week

30 Foods You Can Serve Your Tot Through The Week

Get going and create a weekly food calendar for your bub. Remember to add Nestle Ceregrow to it and ensure your child’s nutritional needs are properly met.

Your baby’s toddlerhood is an extremely crucial phase and it can be a bit challenging for some children. Needless to say, difficult mealtimes is also part of this growing-up struggle.

Taking a structured approach can be a great way to help your little love sail through this phase. And one of the most simple ways to do that is to create a Weekly Food Calendar that’s nutritious yet tasty.

Making a Weekly Food Calendar: Useful Tips

Tip #1:

Fix the mealtimes and stick to them. You can also use this time to inculcate healthy eating habits.

Tip #2:

Involve your little one in the process. You can help them make healthy choices and make them understand the importance of a nutritious diet.

Tip #3:
Be careful of choking hazards. Supervise mealtimes and ensure that your child is seated while eating.

Tip #4:

Make sure your child is having enough fluids to avoid dehydration. So, apart from water, include ample liquids in your child’s diet.

Tip #5:

Include a variety of foods like grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and legumes and pulses in the chart.

In short, you should ensure that the food calendar includes foods that are safe, interesting, and at the same time, provide your child with all the essential nutrients.

Nestle Ceregrow, loaded with the goodness of grains and milk, is a nutrient-dense cereal for 2-5 year olds. It is packed with age appropriate, 15 vitamins & minerals including iron. One serving of Nestle Ceregrow provides your child with 30 percent of their daily iron requirement and around 44 percent of their daily requirement of the Vitamins A, C, D, and calcium. What’s more, it is also free from preservatives and added flavours.

Here are some yummilicious foods that are also high on nutrition.

weekly food calendar for toddlers

Day # 1: Monday

Breakfast: Methi Paratha with Curd

Mid-Morning: Orange Juice

Lunch: Yellow Dal, Rice, Dry Sabzi, Bajra Roti

Snack: Nestle Ceregrow

Dinner: Dal Khichdi spruced with Carrots and Beans

Bedtime: A Glass of Milk

Day # 2: Tuesday

Breakfast: Nestle Ceregrow

Mid-Morning: Sliced Apple

Lunch: Sprouts Curry, Rice, Curd

Snack: Suji Sheera

Dinner: Roti with Pumpkin Vegetable

Bedtime: A Glass of Milk

Day # 3: Wednesday

Breakfast: Poha

Mid-Morning: 1 Banana

Lunch: Roti with Bhindi/Tinda Vegetable and Masoor ki Dal

Snack: Nestle Ceregrow

Dinner: Rice with Tomato Soup

Bedtime: A Glass of Milk

Day # 4: Thursday

Breakfast: Dosa or Idli with Sambar or Chutney

Mid-Morning: Mixed Fruit Plate

Lunch: Moong ki Dal, Rice, Roti, Cauliflower Sabzi

Snack: Nestle Ceregrow

Dinner: Curd Rice with non-spicy Tadka

Bedtime: A Glass of Milk

Day # 5: Friday

Breakfast: Nestle Ceregrow

Mid-Morning: Sliced Pear

Lunch: Missi Roti, Palak-Paneer ki Sabzi, non-spicy Dal Tadka, Rice

Snack: Oats Porridge

Dinner: Rice with Boiled Vegetables

Bedtime: A Glass of Milk

Day # 6: Saturday

Breakfast: Moong Dal ka Cheela with Vegetable Raita

Mid-Morning: Strawberry/Mango/Any Seasonal Fruit with Cream

Lunch: Rajma Chawal

Snack: Nestle Ceregrow

Dinner: Vegetable Soup with Mashed Potatoes

Bedtime: A Glass of Milk

Day # 7: Sunday

Breakfast: Nestle Ceregrow

Mid-Morning: Mosambi Juice

Lunch: Matar-Paneer with Roti, Yellow Dal, Rice

Snack: Vegetable Sandwiches with homemade butter and non-spicy chutney

Dinner: Vegetable Pulao with Raita

Bedtime: A Glass of Milk

So, Mums, what are you waiting for? Get going and create your own food calendar. Remember to add Nestle Ceregrow to it and ensure your child’s nutritional needs are met with.

Written by

Renu Krishna

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