Your daily horoscope: Wednesday, October 25th

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Read what the day has in store for you!



If you want to resolve an issue, take a stand and stick to it. Your negotiation skills would help you win a current deal.

Find out the cause of someone's unusual interest in you. Pursuing academics may seem stressful without outside help, so don't hesitate in taking it. Be careful of the flu.


Try to get in the good books of people you are negotiating with if you want to succeed. At work, those who envy you will soon begin to toe your line.

Your finances will be sorted, as money comes from unexpected sources. Acting on the suggestions of someone experienced will be useful on the academic front. Spirituality may a have special attraction for you.


There is much to gain from one who is experienced. It is important to keep pace on the academic front for better showing. Sharing and caring is the key to a satisfying love life.

An activity at home may keep you totally engrossed and entertained. A new colleague at work would attract you but take it slow!


Your act of good deed would win a lot of praise and admiration from someone. Learn to adapt and accommodate others as you cannot have everything your way all the time.

At work, your good negotiating skills would help you clinch a deal. Your romantic aspirations are on the ascendant, so expect the coming days to sizzle!


Your family member's achievement would fill you with pride. It may be difficult to persuade someone to do your bidding, but there is no harm in trying.

Work fatigue and stress would take a toll on your health, watch out! Keep your temper under control, as you are likely to be provoked on the family front. Your love life remains satisfactory.


Your lethargic attitude at work would send wrong signals. You will not hesitate in providing full support to people you like, even at the cost of your time and energy. 

A forthcoming family event is likely to raise your spirits. You might even organise a family get together. The one you love is likely to return your affection and make your day!


Don't spend too much time and energy on those who do not want to listen to your point of view. Spending time with someone who interests you is indicated today.

Consider well before lending money to someone, as early return of the same is not foreseen. Those married may find their marital boat cruising along smoothly. Your efforts in your field will find the money growing.


You may think you will manage to do without an important member at work, but this may not be true, so don't take any hasty decisions. A transfer or promotion is on the cards for those serving the government.

There is no escaping an essential expenditure that you are likely to face, but judiciousness in spending will still save money. An exercise regimen will do you good.


Doing your own thing at home without interruptions seems difficult today. Health remains satisfactory. Don't have blind faith on anyone as you can be taken for a ride. If negative thoughts depress you, get involved in something exciting.

Your efforts on the academic front will certainly bear fruit, but meticulously keep up your study regime.


There is a fifty-fifty chance of success in your attempts at a fresh beginning. Going beyond the budget may get you into a tight situation.

Creating the right opportunities for yourself on the job front may be topmost on your mind. A lot of activity is foreseen on the academic front. You may not receive the appreciation you expect, despite lending a helping hand to someone in need.


A new experience will keep you in the spotlight. Your financial situation may improve. Being a chosey eater has its benefits, as it keeps you in shape, so don't change this to remain fit.

The feeling that you are fully prepared on the academic front may not be based on realistic assumptions, so don't get complacent.


Spending time with someone knowledgeable will benefit you. Financial uncertainty, that has been prevailing for some time, is likely to dissipate.

Good news on the personal front will uplift your mood. Acquiring new skills is likely to enhance your marketability and can even land you a better paying job. You are likely to impress someone from the opposite gender!