We just can't get over this adorable picture from Aamna Sharif's wedding!

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Aamna tied the knot with longtime beau Amit Kapoor in 2013, who is a distributor turned producer.

The stunning actress Aamna Shariff is in the news again and for all right reasons. Aamna’s wedding picture has resurfaced on the Internet after The Wedding Story shared it under Throwback Thursday. In 2013 December,

In 2013 December, Aamna tied the knot with longtime beau Amit Kapoor who is a distributor turned producer. Here's the picture from her 2013 wedding that is breaking the internet today:

Aamna not only chose to keep a low key during her marriage but even later on, she has maintained a low profile, so much so that she was not on social media for quite long. She has a cute son and she shares his pictures on the social media, albeit rarely.


Full of cuteness??? #aamnasharif with #arain ?

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Just like this gorgeous television beauty, many stars choose to stay away from limelight, especially when it comes to their children. It’s an open secret that Twinkle Khanna avoids sharing her daughter Nitara Kumar’s pictures on the social media. Even Aishwarya Rai is extremely protective of Aaradhya Bacchhan and is always seen protecting her.


Already CAP-tioned !!! ?

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Here’s why celeb mums are so protective about their children when it comes to the internet and even we must follow in their footsteps…

1. Privacy of your child: Mums, even your child has every right to his or her own privacy. So as they grow up, they might not be comfortable with some of their childhood pictures floating around in your circle. It would be apt to share pictures with some discretion to avoid embarrassment in the future. One must keep this in mind, especially while sharing newborn or nude pictures of their babies.

2. Safety of your child: Internet is a vast place and we are yet to explore it’s full potential. Along with benefits, it also has dangers lurking around in every corner. You never know who is viewing your child’s picture on the Internet or even misusing it. Mums, you need to be cautious with baby pictures that are nudes or exposing the baby’s private areas and not share such images of your baby.

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3. Being in the moment: Another important point is to teach your child to live in the present moment. Instead of constantly clicking pictures and not fully engaging in what’s happening, you tend to lose out on the real fun. So many mums prefer to consciously teach their children to enjoy the moment and live it to fullest. After all, we don’t live for the internet or social media, right?

4. All kids deserve a normal childhood: Most important is that whether you are a star celebrity or a common mum, you want your child to have a normal life like every other child. Hence many celeb mums refrain from over exposing their children’s pictures on the internet.

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