10 ways to be a better dad

10 ways to be a better dad

Every father aspires to be the best dad for his child, but the distance from being a responsible father to a complete head of the family is a really long one.

Every father aspires to be the best dad for his child, but the distance from being a responsible father to a complete head of the family is a really long one.

To go through this distance a father must walk the fine line of love, care and responsibility. Here are the 10 ways to become a better dad

1) Be your child’s best friend

How often have you heard your baby boy saying, “I am a papa’s boy”. When it comes to dads, they only become favourites of their baby girls but ideally; it should be similar for both. From the day of your child’s birth, you need to be open about listening to anything and everything from your child.

Be it studies, games or break-ups, as a father you should be patient enough to understand the situation and give the best advise to your children. It will prevent your child to hide things from you in a long run and he/she will see a best friend in you.

2) Emotional support

Sometimes more than the financial support, your children need emotional support. Don’t shy away from hugging and kissing your children even if they get older. Giving a pat on the back of your child post their achievements can work as a confidence booster.

You can also make it a point to celebrate each and every big day in your children’s life. Children always love to get pampered so sometimes feeding them with your hands can also be a great idea.

3) Take out time to play

When the kids are small, they just love to have people around to play any kind of sport or game with them. And when they see their own dads being available for a sporty date, they get super excited. Sometimes getting beaten in a cricket or a football match by your children makes them feel satisfied and you start sharing a different bond with them.

4) Appreciate your children

Not for the mistakes but for every little thing, you should start appreciating your child. It can be as small as waking up on time, eating on time or going to bed on time.

Even if your children are struggling to get good marks in their subjects or finding it difficult to get good placements, just be with them and applaud their efforts.

5) Make promises

Setting up targets for your kids for finishing up a task and giving them something in return can surely make you a great dad. Every time you want your children to learn something, give them sometime and promise them to buy them their favourite gift.

Upon the completion of their task, you go ahead and fulfill your promise. It will help your children to trust you more than anyone.

6) Go on a vacation

No kid wants to follow the same routine of you going to your office for 365 days a year. So make it a point to take your children for a holiday at least once a year to a place of their choice and let them have freedom that they have imagined.

Spending time with your children outside your home will bring a lot of excitement in your relationship. You also might end up discovering a lot of new stuff about your kids that you were unaware of.

7) Healthy relationship with wives

If you are shouting at your wife in front of your kids, you need to stop right away. Your disrespect for your children’s mother will create disrespect amongst them for you as well. Saying dominating words to your wife at home can also lead your children to behave like you when they grow up. So to keep the love and happiness alive in the family, stay polite with your wife and give her all the respect that she deserves.

8) Never get angry

Try not to get mad at your kids even if they commit a mistake. Your short-tempered behaviour will keep your children away from you and they will be scared to share their secrets with you.

If your children have done something majorly wrong, handle it peacefully and make them understand by giving several logics.

9) Eat together

If not all three meals try and have dinner with your children at home. That is when you will get to hear about what has kept them busy throughout the day.

Apart from listening to their activities, you should also share your learning and the stuff that you have done in office. Your commitment towards having one meal a day with your children will surely make you a better father.

10) Help your kids with homework

In today’s world when both husband and wife are working, children deserve the equal amount of attention from both the parents. Its important that you help your kids with all the problems they are facing related to their subjects. S

ometimes helping them finish their homework on time, reading a book to them or making them learn all about their lessons for the next day exam can do wonders and your children start seeing a mentor in you.

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Written by

Radhika Mehta

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